Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"All hail kits'n'kittens
And, lo, it came to pass that a great plague of fake-assed rock'n'roll covered the city of Londinium, and all of the little iPod-hugging kidlets did tremble with anticipation in their overpriced Ramones tees, at the thought that all they would have to listen to for the rest of their lives was Coldhay, Pete Dickherty and Stink records, while being fed piffle-rags such as the eNeMEy, Moho, and Kerplunk! Righteous vinyl spinners BigKegShandy and TeenSlain, having had more fun than most, did consider the situation (at the bar), and decide that it be time to call last orders at the venerable institution known to all and sundry as Sonic Reducer. In addition, it be true that BigKegShandy and the lovely Mizz Nadia be relocating to Bath at the end of September, to avoid Londinium's bumper crop of art-rocking nincompoops, cokehead yuppies, drinkers of overpriced (and rotten) coffee, fizzy lager afficionados, Primal Scream fans, and other modern ills. To this end, BigKegShandy and TeenSlain would like to invite you & yours to the final Sonic Reducer club night, at the Spitz on Saturday September 16th. They're set to be joined, on the decks, by all-round good egg Ben Olins (Stag-O-Lee/The Hideout), for one last bop'n'stroll (inna Chuck Willis stylee). But fear not, those of strong hearts and clear(ish) minds, for the Sonic Reducer Tag Team will liveth on, populating only the finest rock'n'roll events that Londinium has to offer, including DJing at forthcoming 'gigs' by:

* Radio Birdman / Chris Wilson & His Famous Groovin' Flames
(September 13 @ The Dirty Water Club, upstairs at The Dome)
* You Am I
(October 14 @ Islington Academy / October 15 @ Village, Dublin)
* The New York Dolls
(October 22 @ The Forum)
* The Stripchords / The Creepy Morons / Honkeyfinger
(November 4 @ Gutterball, Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes)

Sonic Reducer would like to thank all of their wonderful patrons, guest DJs and hosts over the years, apart from Gerry O'Boyle (ask him why). See you at the bar, for one last time!
Roger Spong
Sonic Reducer @ The Spitz (gallery space), September 16th, Spitalfields Market, Londinium E1
8.30pm-1am, FREE ENTRY. Tube: Liverpool Street Info:"