Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think we’re among friends here right? If there’s anybody who doesn’t miss the fact that The Ramones aren’t around to make life worth living then you possibly won’t care for The Riverdales.

"Invasion USA" is the long-awaited follow up to "Phase 3" and in terms of a phat-frat- proper punk rock experience then it doesn’t come any better. This is perhaps a more worthy successor to "Rocket To Russia" than "Road To Ruin" was. Ben even manages to sound like Joey sometimes. It’s quite a lot like “Subterranean Jungle” and I bet you could use a dose of that right about now. 14 songs flash by in what seems to be an instant, high octane hanna barbera-esque jingles every one. The way it segues from pounding pulsating anthem to anthem is an artform in itself with not a jot of slack.

“Agent for H.A.R.M.” does the pop and kicks the door down. From there it’s hell for leather (jackets). I read stuff about records and movies and stuff that goes along the lines of this. “If you don’t like this then you must be dead” which is almost always bullshit. However there is generally an exception to that rule so to resuscitate that cliché, “Heart Out Of Season” is the perfect Rubinooriffic bubblegum hymn. This isn’t pastiche, this is doused in love for the form and set alight with outright passion for the craft.

Whatever the laboratory conditions this was created were, I’m all for this type of cloning. If "I-USA" doesn’t get the adrenalin pumping then back to those Primal Scream or whatever records with you. No need for explanation or thesis, at this point The Riverdales are arguably better than the real thing.

Check it out here if that all seems a bit far-fetched, I almost don’t believe it either.