Friday, April 29, 2011

Laura Cantrell’s celebration of Kitty Wells is out and about as of now. Just ahead of her upcoming visit to the UK that commences this coming week. It’s a fine distillation of tribute and education that will hopefully elicit some interest in the more extensive back catalogue of its subject.

Like all good country music records, it’s short and sharp and it makes a strong impression. Wish there was a dynaflex vinyl version because I’d snap up several safety copies. The set opens with the title track “Kitty Well’s Dresses” that Laura wrote with “wir ain” Amy Allison and for some reason, the tune reminds me of “Chariots of Fire”. Maybe I just finally completely lost it.

There’s a wee promo video on this page if you scroll down a bit. Here’s an interview that appeared in The Scotsman last weekend and the tour dates are here. This time next week she’ll be in Edinburgh and thusly so will I. So you’re all tooled up with everything you need to partake of some damn sweet music that harks back to a time that maybe wasn’t so complicated.

This time last week I was looking forward to “The London”. Time sure flies and as we get to pulling out of April then my thanks to “the palace” for sorting out my not having to make the journey to the salt mine today. They’ll forgive me for not joining in with the bunfight in any way, shape or form. Posting Sex Pistols songs on fezbook is no more “punk rock” than Hot Topic is and posting such just encourages them. The Bottom Rung shindig in Auld Reekie looks like a good alternative too but I won’t be over there tonight. I did get some weeding activity completed this morning though. That’s not a typo by the way.

I’ll have several attempts at that over the weekend if this weather keeps up. And will nip out to see a couple of films and hang out with T + V for a bit. They’ve come north to escape the rampant stupidity and road closures in their ‘hood. So now I’m heading around to the shop for some chocolate and when I come back will have a listening session of sorts. I hope you’re making the best of your freedom if you have it. My commiserations if you didn’t get the day off for whatever reason, including living overseas. Don’t worry – we’ll pay for this one way or another.

Likely both.

Part(y) 1 tonight...

RIP - David Wilkerson

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