Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not much time to do anything here other than to say that last night's Ronnie Spector show went very well. More about that down the road apiece.

There'll be no activity here for the rest of the week. Think of this as a "gone punk rockin'" notice. All will be revealed in the timeness of full.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's The Hellacopters final UK show tomorrow at the LA2, down yonder in 'The London'. By the end of October, it'll all be over. All good things I guess... while the bad and worse just trundles on and on and then hobbles forward some more.

The Hellacopters-Darling Darling
Mr Macdonald hepped me to this earlier in the week and I totally forgot to post it...

Eric's in Liverpool from The Guardian.

The first phase of my shed antics is complete and I'm reeking of creosote. So far, so - er...
I'm just about to attend to some long overdue, and probably pointless garden shed maintenance. It could be messy too. Managed to summon the wherewithal to go to a local "retail park". Later than I'd have liked but one store wasn't going to be open until 11am.

So anyway, I made it there and back but the scumhordes were already out in considerable force. My ability to tholl such activity is running on empty plus. It doesn't help that when you go into these large warehouse-size stores, your mind is sucked out and your soul, if you're still in ownership, heads for the hills. I have no idea how to operate in such places and no real desire to learn. However, there are no small places left. They've gone out of business or given up. I was definitely NOT made for these times.

If you're in the Glasgow locale, I hope you'll be heading to see Ronnie Spector at The Arches tomorrow (Monday 29th). The band includes Jeremy Chatzky and Daniel Rey.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Listening to WFMU here and Miriam is on Rex's Fools Paradise where they're doing a programme on the upcoming Norton Mad Mike comps. All of this stuff is further out and more contemporary than most any of the stuff that's "new". And what's with the "brickie look"? I've no beef with that particular skillset but hopefully the building trade will bounce back soon and they'll stop infiltrating the entertainment business. I don't think that Elbow are awful (I'm half inclined to make a snidey derriere quip here) but c'mon, at least Gomez was a reasonable name. Presumably named after Mr Addams...

I'm at that stage again where I can't really be arsed with 90% of the stuff I've amassed over the years. I could get shot of it and just tune into a handful of internet radio stations. You can exist completely outside of any mainstream notion in a world where you never need to hear Foals, did I miss a "the"? Who knows or cares. Of course, I do have the urge to hear alleged new phenomenon and am almost always left wondering where I should send the cotton buds. It comes with the territory. Maybe there's a course I could go on that would teach me not to give a fuck. Anyway, this Mad Mike Monsters stuff is just amazing and it will restore your faith in the artform known as music.

It's the countdown to The Dictators Spanish schlep for just 4 shows. Are you going? This here webathon will be represented at the opening salvo in Barcelona. All those who wish Sergeant Pepper never taught them limey bozos to "play", raise dem hands.
Something else I missed, heard about it a few minutes ago listening to Michael Shelley on WFMU via Phast Phreddie...

RIP - Nappy Brown
RIP - Paul Newman
So far so good today but I'm not taking any chances.

Have you heard that Jack White/Alicia Keys Bond theme/track whatever they call these things in this day and age? Woah, stinker alert! Still haven't been to see how The Scientists figure into that recent Guy Richie flick. It's all a matter of priorities...

There are chores to be done though. More later perhaps.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't recall ever seeing this...

and as a result of that, I found this. Surprised it's not on any glam comp and this is a different mix from the UK version on RCA.

And finally, the roots of Glasvegas...

It's Friday and there's a lot to do before I slip off the radar next week so this will be short and sweet. Just discovered the following via a message that JD King sent to E-Mole.

A long flippin' road for a short cut but that's how it plays out sometime.

The great Jim Marshall's doin' something called the HOUND BLOG.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I had all sorts of plans and schemes for today and each and every one of them has turned to shit.

There is preparation to be made and time is running out so to that end, this wee "to do" pile will have to wait.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As they say, good things come in "threes". Um...death, too. But Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. offers up something for most everyone with three scintillating shows -- Otto's, Southpaw and WKCR!

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan / Two B-I-G shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover! /
From behind the velveteen curtain...

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th / SOUTHPAW / With THE WRECKLESS ERIC & AMY RIGBY SHOW! / 125 Fifth Avenue (at St. Johns Place) in Park Slope, Brooklyn / One SIT & Die Co. set at 9pm / Tickets a mere $10 And, for the crystal set...

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th / WKCR 89.9 FM NY / "THE MOONSHINE SHOW" / With your host Matt Winters / 10am until noon / Live on air performance by SIT & Die Co.!

Yours in triplicate,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Had a couple or three messages about where the Hello Saferide album review is. Anticipating some more being that it's out tomorrow, just click here and you'll be taken right to it. Whisked back in time to September 4th.

But don't read about it, hear it. This download malarky is pretty cheap if you're in that market. And by the way, the signed copies are all gone but stand by for word on the vinyl. When I find out what's happening with the 7".

The new Fatboy record is also out tomorrow. More about that in due course. I'm still in full transfusion mode.
The situation with e-mail just keeps getting worse. There's been a problem with blueyonder all day today. I've no idea if, where, how or sodding why and am pretty much up to here (makes gesture way above napper) with it all. It's all pretty exasperating. particularly when I'm trying to sort stuff out.

Ah, but these things are sent to try us goes the reasoned angle on such insignificant piffle. I'm trying to dig that as I tear what little hair I've got left the fuck out.

It's not rational to get mad and it's not possible to get even. So I'm left in a limbo of sorts which is kind of making me wonder "why even bother". 'ceptin' that I inevitably will...

So now I have to go back stuff up and time consuming twaddle like that. Try to take a little of the load off this steam-powered, as far as one can possibly be from state of the art pc that I tap away at. This may take a while...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tired of the Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin twaddle? Vote Goulden/Rigby when they resume their US campaign tomorrow with an east coast leg.

Tonight is the launch party for "More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide". I'm there in spirit so forgive any apparent lapse on this end. It's album of the week on Tom Morton's show and I just heard a double header of The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe In Magic" into "Anna".

I've been involved in an exercise that has left my eyes fried and my head tired so my appearance here will be brief tonight. If I can motivate myself prior to heading out the door in the morning I'll convey anything important that comes up between now and yonder. I know it's old age so don't bother chiming in with that particular chestnut.

A wee blast of Suzy & Los Quattro and a mug of strong coffee is in order here methinks.
Lost & found dept.: Ago old footage of the Ramones on Dutch TV (1 & 2) The same guy uploaded many more obscure vid's originating in the Netherlands: Trevor White, Joan Jett, Wreckless Eric, Young Marble Giants, Dr. Feelgood, Cylinders, Undertones, The Knack, Specials (I was there!) The Cure (I was there!), Nick Lowe, Blondie, and god knows what else. This guy has put up over 2000 vid's all taped from Dutch tv, more when I can find the time to check it all out...
UPDATE: The guy's account has been suspended...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Generally the prospect of the silly season in September is somewhat gut-churning but being that this little blighter is available from October 14th, then I'll bend the rules a little. I hope that Ben Vaughn will make the tune that was on his myspace last year. And that Hello Saferide will issue "Ipod Xmas" as a 7"... Anyway, eagle scout Ben Gart discovered that you can sample the Super Rock Crimbo here.

I've discovered that there's an Attic Lights sampler with today's Scotland on Sunday. Usual deal, if you want one, let me know by 2pm-ish UK time and I'll sort it out. Cover price plus postage. Tomorrow's hits today...
RIP - Earl Palmer

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dig It! 44 - Coming Soon!
Just watched The Roxy Music Story that aired last night on BBC 4. Excellent doc that brought many memories of the early years flooding back. Not sure what countries have access with regard to viewing over the net but it's well worth catching. The Whistle Test sequence of "In Every Dream Home, A Heartache" is to this day like something being beamed in from outer space.
Hello Saferide is headed for the USA. Please make her very welcome!
This'll move those Saturday morning cobwebs (link courtesy of North Fork Sound blogspot)

Watch out for Scots tribute combo, Motörheid...

Friday, September 19, 2008

You know what drives me up around the proverbial bend and beyond? People who can't do their supposed job. Then, in addition, there are institutions that purport to provide a service then don't. The customer or client is always right, right? Isn't that the cliche? Well not always and if someone tells me they'll do something or they'll call then I expect them to bloody follow through.

That's the trouble, the concept of following through seems to have gone by the wayside.

The David Simon thing at GFT was pretty great. They screened the second episode of the fifth season prior to the Q&A. It was Alan Taylor of the Sunday Herald that was guiding the conversation and he had a good beat on the tempo of the show. You can get an idea of how it all went with this Wirecast from The Word magazine website.

A woman next to me was a huge fan of the programme and decreed the event to be "massive". She had come to the theatre purely on chance and scored a ticket in the foyer. Jonathan Watson of the BBC's "Only An Excuse", that records his "Watson's Wind-up" show at this venue was at the other side of me. Strangely I didn't recognise anyone else there.

The only bummer about the whole thing is that they were selling pre-signed books after the session. He didn't hang about to meet the audience and that meant that the copies I had to get signed for gifts never got the necessary scribble. You win a few and indeed some things do not come to pass. Qué whassname.

Incidentally, on Sunday the GFT has a doors open day on Sunday 21st September (this weekend)... Special events: Meet the staff and find out how one of the UK’s most successful independent, specialist cinemas works. Its legendary predecessor, The Cosmo, opened in 1939 in this modernist European building (with clear Dutch influences) which still boasts much of its Art Deco interior

I did sort out the tickets for next week's Ronnie Spector visit after Mr Duff telling me she was a revelation at Ponderosa Stomp. It's at The Arches so I hope there isn't a groundswell of fuckers with mobile phones in the audience. I still have a bad, bad taste from the disrespectful tosspots that attended the Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham show there.

And talking about these devices of doom, they're nothing to do with the devil, I'm sure he or she hates them too. Have you seen the furore about Metallica's James Hetfield allegedly acting like a baby at the O2 arena show? All he was doing was reasonably asking these fucking idiots to switch the bastard things off for a while. Unfortunately these life support systems must now be on at all times. Entire generations are utterly controlled by these portals and their constant need to photograph, record and upload to Dufustube.

This weekend I will mostly be selecting tunes to play at my "Andy Dunkley" (if you click the link, scroll down to March 16th entry) stint in Spain that's coming up in a wee while.

And as a footnote, The Spice Dragons reunion trounced the comeback of Led Zep. Page must have had wind of that when he "did" the Olympic ceremony. Hold on to that integrity folks. It's the only one you've got. Use it or down the slippery slope to bathe with the other dunderheids.

Am I relieved that it’s Friday? "nor’alf "(apply Alan Freeman impression here).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The technological tribulations continue.

Today at work, there were countless interruptions due to this and that too. I'm a little sick of it. Maybe the worldwide web is wobbling like the financial markets? Or is it just a big stunt?? Anyway, let's get things in perspective and remember that yesterday was the release date for the Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby album on Stiff. You need to snag one as soon as possible but holding out until they swing around your locale is acceptable too. They're doing America as I rattle away here. Here's visual proof from Brother Randall in Dallas.

I'm not really up to yattering at the minute and am decidely not down with the big shakedown.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Weejvegas thing continues to be a source of debate both via the comments and e-mail. To draw a line under it all, let's see how it stands the test of time. I'm not sure what it is about them that I "get" but I'm a sucker for that sound. It's like how I always get suckered into going to see movies that compared to "David Lynch". With no where near as positive results. So until their Transylvanian Christmas record shows up, let's leave it at that.

Let's see, what else... although I haven't had it confirmed, Wooden Shjips are supposed to play at Sloans in Glasgow on November 2nd. It's a great venue. More about that when it is indeed definite. Tickets will be available at Monorail when it is.
So far many of the reviews that have appeared with regard to this have tended to err on the "not for the squeamish" side. In my opinion, there's another aspect to this snapshot of a period in the evolution of one of the most important acts that has ever existed. The contents of this box, culled from front-line field recordings provide a documentary-like timeline from the period where Suicide entered the mainline of music for the rest of eternity. The reverberations have been felt worldwide ever since.

As Alan Lomax did with the dawn of folk, Howard Thompson and co developed a pathological need to capture the sonic fermentation. Irrespective of the recording gear, the primitive nature of the equipment complimented the primordial ruckus that was unfolding in these unsuspecting venues.

By the time they got to Europe and were opening up for the biggest acts of the time. They'd captured the ghost of Elvis in a jamjar and processed it through electronica that was at total odds with any of their hosts. The hostility of the idiots that never got it fed the energy. That Suicide suffered for their art is not in question. I guess that the reward has been that they've permeated every strata of music ever since.

There was never anything premeditated. Anything could have and often did happen. To this day, the appropriation of Suicide's ouevre continues unabated. The most successful aspects of this generally happen by accident. In much the same way as it did when these recordings were made.

In many ways, this is a companion piece to the Red Star original as co-produced by Marty Thau and Craig Leon. This gathering of these soundscapes was made possible as a direct result of Marty hooking up with Bronze here in the UK. One of the coolest things about this package is the inclusion of Miriam Linna's original manifesto press releases. I hope that when a film documentary comes to be made about Suicide, that all the players can be assembled. I believe, that if Kevin Patrick hadn't sent HT the first album and that he hadn't had the gumption to go to NY and do the deal with The Chairman then the entire map of musical history would be way, way different. We're talking Elvis, Chuck Berry and Little Richard proportions here. And there would be no Billy Idol either. Suicide and its individual components have made many recordings over the years but the legend is founded on what happened during the 1977/78 slipstream.

There's nothing out there now that could have the same traction. There are approximations but nothing so pure. Alan Vega and Marty Rev's unique chemistry begat something where seismology met an (un) popular music form. It sounds as unique now as it ever did. A lot of folks never got that when it first crawled out of the NY sewers. As it continues to morph, and when somebody like Springsteen can forge a version of "Dream Baby Dream" like he did, then maybe the slow burn of their sonic pop-art domination is just something that will twist and turn through the bloodstream of music for the rest of time. 1 cd of most artists is more than adequate but in this case, a half dozen doesn't feel like enough.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

As the Glasvegas thing gathers momentum, it seems like it’s not a hoax then. Somehow these folk who have largely portrayed as the next O*sis have made a record that those donkeys could never come close to. The subway posters say it’s their “Definitely Maybe”, I say your arse. True, we’ve heard it all before, most recently courtesy of The Raveonettes, but it’s a pretty glorious racket all the same. Those who don’t reckon that there’s a touch of the Bay City Rollers/Slik thing to it are deluded. That’s not a slur, merely a statement of fact.

So I headed into Glasgow last night after work. Got the train at Larbert and when I sat down, I looked across the carriage and a girl who was the absolute double of Annika Norlin was sitting reading. Now if I didn’t know better I’d have sworn it was. I nearly spoke to her to make sure but didn’t want to appear as even more of a weirdo than usual. Anyway, as I was going into town to work the HS campaign a wee bit, it was a tad disconcerting.

Picked up the ticket for this coming Thursday’s David Simon event at GFT, another major coup for the venue that ties in with the republishing of “Homicide” by Canongate. REALLY looking forward to this…

So ultimately, I hooked up with my old bud Barney Hoskyns who was in town with fellow Rock Backpages colleague Mark Pringle to spread the RB gospel at a Glasgow University event. The concept of going to University and learning about rock music or it’s place in academia at all is surely going against the grain but that’s the way of the world. Good luck to ‘em. My being installed with the belief that music was the devils work surely steered me to where I am now. Spotting Annika looky-likeys in the train and having to admit that I think the Glasvegas record is top fucking banana. If it comes with the territory...

My grandmother is somewhere, shaking her head and saying that she told me so. If I’d stuck in at school, things could have been so different. If it weren’t for being so obsessed with music then I might have made something of my existence. Maybe the next stage of my development lies in this academic twilight. Nothing is clear cut and I have just as many delusions and low-folluting opinions as the next guy. Maybe more. Bill Drummond was on the wireless expounding his latest fallacy this morning, evidently he hasn’t heard “It’s My Own Cheating Heart...”.

Anyway, I hope this posts after all this. Maybe it’ll just fly off into the ether and maybe that’s for the best. Either way, I’m on this rocket. Nothing to do now but see where it lands.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm still having intermittent problems with this technology lark. All attempts to rectify this general pain are being made but I'm not one for over confidence. Colour me Mr Half-Empty.

Meanwhile, check out this small but groovy Sounds Film Festival that's coming up in Glasgow soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Listening to the Glasvegas album, it's a damn sight better than I expected it to be for sure. They've got quite a wall of sound thing going on and for my tuppence worth, that percussive drum throb is perfect. In this world, Del Shannon is a denizen of the Bar-L and he's discovered the missing link between the Mary Chain and Suicide. Visions of The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las and Julee Cruise are rattling around the pot too. This almost has me convinced that I need to see them. In a bid to figure out whether it's a hoax or not. Where did this come from? Why the hell does it hit the spot?? Even when the vocals sound like Slik era, Midge Ure??? And will there be a subtitled version for consumption outwith this country of ours???

It sounds like Badalamenti scoring a West Coast of Scotland Irvine Welsh type fable and these are anthemic supercharged folk ballads. The doo-wop element of The Ramones is right here too, shit, "Daddy's Gone" sounds like he's channelling Joe at one point. You gotta be powerless against that. Maybe that's the kryptonite that got me, I really can't explain it and as the fugue of "Ice Cream Van" fades you may well get a chill like you're standing too close to the freezer.

I still don't like the band name and the McGee association still niggles but in spite of myself, this sound is the stuff of champions. Past, present and future.
Razzia are on a roll...

The Droid play on the lawn of the Black Lodge...

and check out the David Sandström Overdrive!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I need to rustle up my column for OX Fanzine so this will be short and sweet.

Evidently my powers of recall are not happening. Stop sniggering at the back...

Monday, September 08, 2008

So where did the weekend go exactly? I knuckled down and got the garden in some sort of shape. Hoping that's it for zero eight but who knows. Bit of hedge trimming next weekend if the weather holds but what's the bloody chance of that?

If you didn't shift your 'arris and order one of the signed HS cds from Bengans then "your tea is oot". They've vamoosed. Probably down to that world exclusive review of More Modern Short Stories from last week. Or perhaps not. The appearance of the Sandra Löv directed "Anna" video obviously pushed interest into hyperdrive. The "digi-single" went into the Swedish charts at 43 this past week. I'm rooting for a big climb this coming week. I guess these things matter in some terms with regard to perceived popularity. I don't think justice plays any part in it. However much it should. If it did then it would have been #1 with the proverbial bullet.

So, for those of you who had trouble locating it on msn.se, it's now on youtube, which means that you can view it here.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pub rock is where it's at! Dig Ducks Deluxe in their prime!
Just caught up with a documentary that I'd been meaning to see for ages. "Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus" is a traipse around the farthest reaches of the American South. Jim White stakes out the terrain which is punctuated by performances by artists who are steeped in the folk culture. The Handsome Family and Johnny Dowd to name but two of the acts.

Didn't realise it was a BBC production for Arena and that it had actually been broadcast here in 2006 but anyway, it's recommended. The film also features a pre-Dolls reunion David Johansen looking more like Peter Wolf from the J Geils Band than a glam slammer.

Compelling stuff in light of what's going on in America now as they hurtle toward November in the proverbial handbasket.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Taste the whup in Malmo, October 17th!!
Brother Don has just "phoned-in" this review of E & A from last night's SF show...

"i'm just back from that roach ridden dump way across town... it's 3 am and i'm bleary eyed... went all the way to oakland first to see opening nite of brian wilson's latest tour. theater was half-empty and everyone had balcony seats so they "upgraded" us to orchestra so as not to have an empty floor. brian was great great great but you don't want to hear about that so i'll go on...

got to theeee plopside at 11PM just a few seconds into the first song of the wreckless wrigbys which was the beer song. right off you could see they were gonna be way better than last time. much tighter but just as spirited. amy had her gibson j45 and eric had a nice guild hollow body just like the one on the cover of kinks kontroversy. they took turns with her songs and his but this time it really seemed like "someone nailed (them) together" as one of their songs goes. from amy's catalogue there was "till the wheels fall off", "raising the bar", "rasputin", "joey ramone" among others. eric did the great "reconnez cherie" and lots more faves including of course "whole wide world" and "take the k.a.s.h". they harmonized well. he played great bass (an old fender mustang with maple neck). amy played some keyboard.

oh-- they did "you tore me down"!! after which yours truly yelled out "groovies!" cause i know nobody knew the song but me. and eric said, "we're not the flamin groovies...you don't care for them do you? how do you feel about jefferson airlplane?"

they did some stuff off the new album -- the notorious "men in sandals" which eric introduced by complaining (rightly so) how stupid men dress in this country ("why do they dress like they're eleven years old?"). another good one was "here comes my ship" (which apparently would be the 45 if there was one). and they did my fave, "please be nice to her", accompanied by a rhythm ace via laptop. amy played some great leads on her little ol harmony solid body electric. eric peeled off quite a few decent solos. they played for nearly 2 hours and had a line of people waiting to buy the new album.

which i can't wait to hear but my eyes are closing as i write this... chatted with amy a while... great to see her again... she says she's headed your way in november. i wish someone would back them up with bass and drums... they'd be monstrous."

Friday, September 05, 2008

And the video for "Anna" is here... (Thanks Martina)
Working last weekend knocked my whole routine out of whack. Even although I generally rise at what most people consider to be the middle of the night, the graft aspect perhaps should have been factored in. Anyway, what matters most is that it's Friday now. Can't say I'll be venturing too far from the midden heid but you never know.

One thing I will be doing is tuning in to find out what happens when the E & A show hits the SF area today, September 5th, 2:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 pm Eastern, and 10 pm UK-time. Amy & Eric and will be stopping by KALX for an interview with DJ Mack.

If you're in the San Francisco Beige Area, listen on 90.7 fm. Otherwise online here.

Thanks to Lady Karen McB of the Goofenhaus Estate for the heads up.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It’ll be practically 3 years to the day since “Introducing…” was released. Time is flying by but it doesn’t seem like it could have been so long. That album helped me over a particularly fraught period and I’ll state right now that I’m biased, because I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the music that this artist makes. Without wishing to be a drama queen, it has a lot to do with why I’m still hanging in here.

"More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide" (Razzia) contains 12 “chapters”. Top yarns set to exquisite tunes. An object lesson in boardwalk folk complete with soul and countripolitan pop flourishes. Andreas Mattson’s production presents each vignette in a shimmering, understated cinematic snapshot.

In the olden days, it took at least four albums to reach this level of connection. The authoritative nature of the material bestows a providence that in terms of light and shade and space is pretty much unbeatable. The ability to exact such fine detail in such a simple, direct format is rare these days. Annika Norlin's songs are like short films, the narrative is often so compelling that they probably should be. They’re very real on the landscape of a time when (almost) nothing is.

“I Wonder Who Is Like This One” might sound like a Roky Erickson title but it’ll all fall into place when you hear it. The premise is that people are like songs. Which are you? This segues into “2008” which is positive compared to “2006” but still harbouring reservations. It sounds a little festive too. The dynamic of the segue between the first two tracks hit me like a truck. It's not always apparent that pop music can still do that. Not sure that "Can't Get You Out of My Head" is a good fit for the author or not but it certainly describes the feeling you get when you listen to her work.

I’m not going to describe each cut. You need to discover the joy of HS for yourself. “Overall” is perhaps the closest we come to Säkert! in English and incase you were wondering, it has nothing to do with protective clothing. Sparks and Pulp are just two acts that it reminds me despite the fact that it actually sounds like neither. The piano/hammond that forms the bed of “Lund” is perfect and that’s before you get to the warmth of the vocal. Consider Buffy Saint Marie with Roy Bittan and Danny Federici maybe, then you’re getting close (ish).

Remember “Leaving You Behind” (from the now out of print Would You Let Me… EP)? Well, some of “25 days” may surpass even that. I don’t think that I’ve heard the expression “You stupid fuck” expressed with such conviction. And anybody who knows me understands exactly my predilection for cursing.

By now you should be acquainted with Annika’s imaginary daughter, “Anna”. A chip off the old block complete with those “punk rock manners”. “Travelling With HS” may well remind you of Kirsty MacColl and that’s perfectly reasonable. An odd remnant of familiarity adds greater emphasis to underscore that this is as sonically pleasing a set of songs as you're likely to hear. Maybe ever.

As the strings drift wistfully out of “Arjeplog”, there’s pretty much no other option other than just to “press play again”.

And again.

(Don't forget, you can order a signed copy here - they won't last forever. Once the word really gets out then you'll be snookered.)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RIP - Jerry Reed

RIP - Don LaFontaine

If you're in LA then please go along to the Cinema Bar tonight. The entertainers known as Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby will be there to put a big smile on your coupon.
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. again takes to the Rodeo Bar, the honky tonkin’est joint in town -- joined this week by a very special guest in Japanese country music star Tomi Fujiyama! As a mere youngster in 1964 Tomi toured the US and had the honor of singing on the venerable "Grand Ole Opry" in Nashville, TN. And now we are honored that she will be making her first return to New York since that tour, performing with us!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th / RODEO BAR / With special guest Tomi Fujiyama! /
375 Third Avenue (at the corner of 27th Street) in Manhattan / Three rollickin' sets, from 10:00pm sharp until 1:00am / No cover -- and free peanuts!

And, for those with a Long Island bent...
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th / SWING DANCE LONG ISLAND'S "FALL DANCE" / At the Smithtown Historical Society's "Brush Bar" in Smithtown, NY / Three swingin' sets, from 8:00pm until 11:00pm (lesson at 7:30) /

SDLI Society members and non-members welcome!

Always yours,

Michael Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

As you may surmise from the time of my first post today, the insomnia is back. The first sign of the seasonal change was also evident with the temperature being quite a few notches below recent highs. The consideration of buying shares in a company that makes woolly jumpers might be a way of counteracting the daily gloom of the media economy coverage. Sales in these are bound to rise, after all nobody is going to be able to turn their sodding heating on, far less up.

I really need to get my eyes tested again too. Talk about being blind as a bat, at least they have some kind of radar. I'm pretty sure it's down to spending too much time in front of a computer. Driving in the dark the other night, some twat was giving it full beam in the opposite direction and I simply couldn't see a thing. Nada. Nowt.

And finally, to compound the ongoing e-mail problems, it seems as though this blog thing is unobtainable at times. I imagine it's a blogger problem but who knows. At the minute I just crack off e-mails and hope that they reach their destination. I never actually know because some of you folks e-mails don't reach me. All very frustrating but I don't have the energy or wherewithal to investigate right now. I'm harbouring a distinct yearning to fall off the face of the earth.

But I can't do that just yet because there’s a couple of three important things that I need to get together. While I’m doing that, here are some recent groovy myspace things that you may care to check out.

From Sweden, Säkert! alumni... 2 White Horses

Also from Sweden, NBT old timers surely remember... The Hidden Charms

Brother Patrick hepped me to Lover! from Memphis.

And HT, the curator of that North Fork Sound introduced me to The Lone Sharks

Something there for darn near everybody...
I saw a bus with the side emblazoned "Rocknrolla" and recalled something that Tony Thewlis told me some time ago. Checked out the website where the soundtrack details are and there it was, The Scientists "We Had Love". The score also features The Hives, The Sonics, Kim Fowley and Wanda Jackson.

I'm not a fan of Guy Ritchie's movies - "Lock, Stock...", supposedly the best of them is awful but kudos to him or whoever was responsible for getting "WHL" through the vetting procedure. Perhaps a whole new generation will discover this stuff?

There's a thought for this time of writing on a Tuesday morning...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ben Vaughn is headed for Spain. Francisco Munster reckons it may even be with his LA band. Blimey.

12 de septiembre - Lemon Pop Festival - Murcia

13 de septiembre - Four Seasons Sixties Club - Castellon

17 de septiembre -
+ Dj Alexandre Crespo - Sidecar - Barcelona

18 de septiembre - + Dj Eneida Fever! - Sala Sol - Madrid

19 de septiembre - Popxiriapop Festival - Carballo

20 de septiembre - Azkena - Bilbao

(If you live anywhere near any of these then miss this guy at yer peril)

Thanks to Ulla and Francisco for the info.