Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks to those that contacted me with regard to errors, dodgy spelling and just plain errata with regard to my Stockholm report. I have no excuses that would be particularly valid plus I discovered a couple more howlers myself. My coping mechanism is a little bit fugged up. Maybe excess ice or something. More likely the something part.

The practice of going away for a wee while for an intensive hit of fun is generally followed by a sobering process. I always go through a period of decompression after a trip. The intensive good time gives way to an extreme jones-ing for more of the same. In stark contrast, the day to day bullshit foisted upon one by individuals that couldn’t run the proverbial brewery piss up just narks you off to the extent that you could quite conceivably “go postal”.

It’s gonna be a short one tonight, here are the Batusis show dates...

Glasgow ABC2 (May 3)
Sheffield O2 Academy2 (May 4)
Liverpool O2 Academy2 (May 5)
London Islington Academy (May 7)
Hatfield Forum - Attic Room (May 8)
Oxford Academy2 (May 10)
Southampton Joiners (May 11)
Bristol O2 Academy2 (May 12)
Birmingham O2 Academy2 (May 13)

You can find the entire lowdown at Uberrock.

And Sir Jeremy remembers the golden age of fanzinery over at Mudkiss. It was very good of him to include some NBT action in there. Gracias an' that.

Amy and Eric have shows in Ireland and Englandshire over the course of the next week. Please check and support these as proximity allows.