Sunday, July 30, 2006

I was minding my own beeswax when a message from Kevan Aman came in which was titled "What Rock'n'Roll should be". This resulted in my sliding down the rabbit hole which is YouTube to a portal of Oblivians and Gories clips plus a ton more.
I've also been digging the Stereototal-tastic CSS from San Paulo, Brazil. They've got a new album out on SubPop.

Mr Spence has confirmed that The Grease Monkeys and The Dexateens will be opening for The Fleshtones at the DWC. It's gonna be quite the shindig.

Let's head for Sweden now... (if only) ... couple of reviews that are way overdue...

The cross-fertilisation of Kraftwerk and Bo Diddley has to be a good thing so Sci-Fi Skane are considerably ahead of their time. SFS is the fevered by-product of Bob Hund singer Thomas Oberg with help from some of his bandmates and the mysterious Solnafingret. Veering in and out of a cinematic groove, their take on Canned Heat's "Going Up The Country" is kinda like the spawn of The Silicon Teens older, sicker brethren. They're using technology (look out honey, etc.) as if the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had something slipped into their tea by some malevolent canteen lady. I imagine that they'll confound a good many people but that has to be a positive thing. They've been doing a club in London recently. Stick with this program.

Maia Hirasawa is a member of the Hello Saferide group and purveyor of cracking home recorded lounge pop gems in her own right. "The My New Friend EP" contains six quiet, reflective songs which you can sample at her site. The vibe reminds me of Sara Hickman and that's no bad thing. So, should you be seeking a wee diversion from ear-shredding rock'n'roll then this should sooth yon savage beastie. T'was just the business to calm the nerves after all those frantic clips I just ingested.
And so to the final episode of Top of the Pops that's on tonight. I hope that the BBC are working on something authoritative to replace it? That's what we pay our sodding licence fee for. Kinda like Jools Holland but not irritating. I know there are people within that organisation that can put such a thing together so give 'em a bloody chance. Alright? Something not controlled by the self-appointed hipster mafia.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Treasures of Long Gone John. Coming to a multiplex near you in the fullness of time... nae doobt!

Also, check out the new SFTRI booty. Including a new album by The Fondas.


Musikprogrammet på Frihamnspiren, EM-festen 2006

Friday 4 August - Stora Scenen
Sture Alléns Dansorkester
I’m from Barcelona
Hello Saferide
The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The Slaves

Saturday 5 August - Where The Action Is - Stora Scenen
The Hellacopters
Backyard Babies

Molotov Jive
The Animal Five

Sunday 6 August - Stora Scenen
Tiger Lou
The Embassy

Firefox AK

Monday 7 August - Stora Scenen
Asta Kask
No Fun At All CKY (us)

Satanic Surfers

Tuesday 8 August - Stora Scenen
Arch Enemy (s/uk)

Avatar Nine

Wednesday 9 August - Stora Scenen
Tältscenen Technics Swedish DJ Championship (DJ-SM)

Thursday 10 August - Stora Scenen
Henrik Berggren
The Twilight Singers feat. Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan
Echo & the Bunnymen (uk)

Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) (us)
Field Music (uk)

Friday 11 August - Stora Scenen
Sébastien Tellier (fr)
The Dears (can)
Lisa Miskovsky

Scissors for Lefty (us)
The Rogers Sisters (uk)

Saturday 12 August - Stora Scenen
Whyte Seeds
Timo Räisänen

Montys Loco
Those of you in NY might like to know that this coming Thursday, August 3rd at 8pm - PUNKAPELLA - Slovene vocal quartet with Mike Pride & Fritz Welch. (Cafe Grumpy, Meserole Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn)...I didn't know they'd named a club after me in deepest Fleshtone territory?!... thanks to Bigor for the heads-up and the photo (via Dusan). The 'pella are in town recording ...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Went out for a hike around Hilversum today to check out the works of W.M. Dudok, the towns former planner/architect. The amazing townhall (pictured) is the obvious icing on the proverbial whatsis, but there are large numbers of schools, bridges and even entire neighborhoods designed by Dudok to enjoy. More pictures of the townhall can be found here, while other buildings can be viewed in this PDF file.
Mr Duff was going about his business this morning when he came a cross the news that those FLESHTONES will be playing at Dirty Water on October 20th. Support is said to include Glasgow's own Grease Monkeys but I haven't had confirmation of that. Seems like a good shout should it happen. The Super Rock troupe will also be at the fine Paris Maroquinerie on October 22nd. Could be a Eurostar adventure in the offing? Work is also progressing on the aforementioned VINDICATED....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


at Henry's Cellar Bar, Morrison Street, Edinburgh.

Friday 4th August, 11pm - 3am £5/4

The Masonics, 'Medway Garage Beat', are Mickey Hampshire, ex of The Milkshakes, Bruce Brand ex of Milkshakes and Headcoats and John 'Lard' Gibbs (ex Kaiser). They play they're thudding mix of 'Punk Sea Shanties' and 'R'n'B Two Chorders' once more after a sell out show last January at 'Beatsville' and in support Edinburgh's own Preston Pfanz & The Seaton Sands purveyors of fine Beat and Surf Instrumentals. It's time to 'Shadoogie!'

Cardboard Compulsion "Record collecting included a compulsion to keep the mailers they were sent in. Here they are, along with the stories behind them."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

RIP - Jessie Mae Hemphill

(Link courtesy of Colin Duff)

"Hello Friends,

Many of you have written letters to Sandy West and have inquired why there is no new music or merchandise. It has come the time for us to address this issue. It has been a very hard year for Sandy.

In August of last year, Sandy was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has battled bravely and endured an extensive course of chemotherapy which is still continuing. We did not release this information as Sandy wanted her illness to remain a private issue, and to reemerge with new projects, cancer free.

Earlier this week, Sandy received some news that has made her reevaluate the issue of privacy vs her need for your prayers and support.

In addition to the existing lung cancer, Sandy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is currently undergoing radiation therapy in addition to the chemotherapy. It is a very hard time for her, and while we remain optimistic and hopeful, at this time we ask for your prayers and for you to please send out your positive and healing energy to Sandy.

We have set up a special e-mail for Get Well letters. Sandy won't be able to respond, but you can rest assured she will receive your letters. The greatest joy in Sandy's life is her fans. She considers all of you family and would sincerely benefit from your letters of encouragement at this time.

We have set up a Paypal account for Sandy as well. Even though she has some medical insurance, her bills are piling up alarmingly, and any amount you'd like to donate, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

Please email your Get Well wishes to: lettersforsandy (at)

You can help Sandy here:
Donate here through PayPal.

For money orders:
Sandy West
c/o Rocket City Records/Times Square Productions
520 Washington Blvd # 199
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5421
Please add the insurance/registered mail option so if anything happens it can be tracked.
Money orders only. Please make them out to Sandy West
Please do not send cash!"

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Motivation. Now there's a word. Ambition is another and your reporter here is sadly lacking with regard to either. I have no pressing urge to take over the world or indeed anything. The simple art of peedling on has taken on something of a downward precipitation. A tailspin that has me, frankly, wondering if it is in fact possible to avert an almighty splat. I listened to a couple of things today but nothing of any consequence and a couple just plain stank. There are cool things lying around here and stuff I oughtta be filling you folks in on but let's just say that i've come down with a bout of "writer's (breeze)block". Not that I ever considered myself a writer in the first place but you probably get my drift? One pressing matter around my noggin is to figure out about taking some time away from the stalag. Anyhoo, I hope that the lack of activity around these parts won't put you off dropping by again. I'm listening to someone on internet radio banging on about Mercury Music prize nominees. What meaningless pish that is in the grand scheme of things. However, let's take things out on a positive keel - check out this Radio Stars website and don't forget Jeroen's Chiswick sideproject. The "auld yins" are the best right enough...
No sign of Mitch and Mickey unfortunately but Derek Smalls appears in his alter ego of Harry Shearer with his wife Judith Owen at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh during much of August.

Also, tonight there's a BMX Bandits/Evie Sands session on Radio Clyde which you can stream live but I don't think there's a "Listen Again" function. It's on Billy Sloan's show which starts at 7pm and runs until 10pm.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Upcoming Bambi Molesters shows...

29th July - Zagreb (CRO) - Muzej za umjetnost i obrt

4th August - Dubrovnik (CRO) - "Lazareti/Mora" with DJ Dinko

16th September - Kranj (SLO) - "Wave 2" Festival
RIP - Jack Warden

Friday, July 21, 2006

Get VINDICATED! - The latest...

thursday, 10th August -

At noon: presentation of croatian translation of Roni Sarig's The Secret History of Rock, with Lada in charge...


"Petrovaradinsko pleme" D. Pintarica (60 min.)

9 pm: the concert
Petrol (Beograd)Fetisha (Ljubljana) and Goribor (Bor) (Rijeka)
11 pm: Deboto (Pula)
11.30pm: Jugoplastika (Spain)
0.30am: Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer & Matt Verta Ray) (USA)

Friday, 11th August

at noon: presentation of cd compilation of bands from Rijeka, Croatia
1. "Divided States of America – Laibach 2004 Tour" S. Podgorsek (70 min.)
"When musicians shock" D. Jagati?a (52 min.) (Rock Cafe)

9 pm the concert
Gin Cooler Quartet (Zagreb)
One Piece Puzzle (Rijeka)
Justin's Johnson (Split)
Erotic Biljan & his Heretics (Zagreb)
11 pm: Overflow (Koprivnica)
12 pm: Bellrays (L.A. - SAD)

saturday, 12th August
at noon: discusion Is it rewarding to be in rock and roll in Croatia?
"Geto 103" J.Altiparmakova (10 min.)

"Foltin" J. Altiparmakova (35 Min.)

"Ritam rock plemena" B.Modri?a (86. min.)
9 pm the concert
the final part of young bands
10.30 pm: Barrakuda (Pula)
11 pm: Eyesburn (Serbia)
midnight: Muskat Hamburg (SLO)
00:30 am: Kultur Shock (Seattle - SAD)

Great googa-mooga! GHOULARDI on Youtube! (link via the Staysick Fraternity)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's overcast today, as am I. However, here are one or two things to check out...

RIP - John Macsween

RIP - Peter Hawkins

Sprung for a bunch of tickets to this year's Edinburgh Film Festival. Just heard that Hannah McGill will be taking over as Artistic Director from next year. Just the foot up the jacksy it needs.

Remembered something else that rankled me at the BOC show t'other night. They were selling Tyranny and Mutation shirts but on the backprint it bore a presumed typo that read "Tyranny and Mutations". Perhaps in testament to the hairstyles of some in the audience. I don't have to worry about such things, there ain't much left to sculpt.
There's a wheen of Youtube stuff to hep you to also but that will entail an inordinate amount of copying and pasting that i'm not at liberty to partake of now. Perhaps later...

And don't forget that THE RADIO THRIFT SHOP is on the airwaves again and this week's broadcast was a blinder. It includes a segment of Tammy Wynette on the Navy Hoedown programme and she does a version of "I'd Be A Legend In My Time". It was also great to hear Area Code 615 again too. Bravo lassie. If only all radio was like this...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One thing and another has postponed my blogging in recent days but being that it’s too hot to sleep, I figured that I might as well make it a late night. I’ve usually passed out in front of the TV by now…

Sunday night’s Evie Sands show was fairly well attended given the matinee nature of the timing. Those who took the opportunity saw a lady small in stature maybe but with a voice and persona to match any big hitter. Her set featured old, newish and yet to be recorded. “Anyway That You Want Me” was positively spine-tingling, anybody who didn’t get the chills is presumably clinically dead. I dug the song “Leap of Faith” and it’s “Sweet Home Alabama” undertow. Rounding things off with a rousing “I Can’t Let Go”, I don’t think she could even if she wanted to. Not sure what her band back home would be like but they’d have to go some to hold a candle to this combo. Check out the setlist, etc on the TFC message board.

The Bandits themselves followed through with a very nifty set. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to actually believe that some of these songs are coming from the man that brought us "E102" all those years ago. Tonight saw that song reborn as a burundified stomper and really, the dynamics of recent Bandit performances are a lesson in putting together the ultimate pop confection. What they do has guts, heart and soul. Rachel and Duglas trade off one another like they’ve been doing this forever and the music they make is equally timeless. BMX Bandits circa 2006 are real contenders.

The other reason for my late shift is that I just got in from seeing Blue Öyster Cult at “The Ferry” (formerly the Renfrew Ferry). First time I’ve been in it since the refurb and relocation. Don’t know if I care for the upgrade but let’s not dwell on that. The actual decision to go was only made today. Tickets 20 quid a pop, funds a tad on the boracic side but I figured that for old times sake, and to represent Kim Salmon, then I ought to make the effort. It was good but it wasn’t great. I never cared for “Shooting Shark” or even “Burning For You” for that matter and those should be ditched and replaced with “Astronomy”, “Baby Ice Dog”, “Mistress…” “ETI” - need I yatter on? The drum and bass solos during “Godzilla” simply don’t work. Not in a place where zero in the way of projection is remotely possible. There’s no lightshow, no pyro, because the place is like a mini-sodding-mall. But anyway, there were high points “Last Days Of May”, “This Ain’t The Summer of Love” (I wish The Nomads would resurrect this live!), “Harvester Of Eyes”, “ME262”. The encore was something of a misfire. “I Love The Night” followed by “Hot Rails To Hell”. The sound had gone for a burton by this point. Not sure how or why but I was mourning the lack of “Dominance” and this made things worse. They can still cut it but in small places like this they need to tailor the set but, at least there was no attempt to introduce new material. I wish they could play venues of a size that their best songs deserve and they have a trove more than most. Being on my feet for the whole set almost brought me to my knees. The spirit was willing even if the flesh has taken something of a tabering. I left feeling just a wee bit sad, thinking how the mighty have been side-stepped in place of many lesser acts. It’s verging on Tap-esque but that doesn't seem to have dampened their ability to rock.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The 30th anniversary of punk (if you're talking the 76/77 variety) continues to gather pace and today's Seven days section of the Sunday Herald spits is tuppence worth into the fray. I've been doing a lot of talking and thinking about it too which has unlocked memories but what sgnificance do such war stories have? Shouldn't we have grown up and moved on?? I appear to be cursed but what about all the others? Ben Weasel has relocated and is back in the Blogosphere. Murray sent me a link to the Dolls section of the Roadrunner site and there's an electronic press kit on there. Like I said before the album, due out next week, is better than anybody could have imagined it could be. Check out Shock and Awe Go Home also. Look at the time. I ought not to be here. More soon. Maybe.
“I’m From Barcelona” aren’t actually from Barcelona, they’re from Sweden. Don’t know if they’re all from Stockholm but I discovered them through the HS axis. When I got on to my “dealer”, he said they were like Belle and Sebastian and while I see the comparison, these folks are altogether more exotic. Like The Polyphonic Spree vs The BMX Bandits with some They Might Be Giants thrown in. There’s definitely a touch of the Glasgow Brill Building sound, one cannae deny that. There's also a jug band choir, adult version of the Langley Schools project going on. And - being that we're actually in the throes of one this year, this could be THE sound of summer, such is the breezy singalong nature but these tunes are marinated in strangely rich arrangements of skiffle type-orchestration punctuated with horns. And then there’s the Beach Boy type harmonies Get down with the videos and get with it. The actual effect is somewhat indescribable but if you hear it for yourself then you’ll get the gist. “The Saddest Lullaby” isn’t the kind of title that I’d normally go for but it has a kind of Spiritualized gospel swing to it. Like "From The Underworld" by The Herd infused with a slow-burning gospel brass ensemble. Just read on Swedesplease that Mute will release this in the rest of Europe this coming September. One appearance on the right TV or radio show and these folks will be heading for the megasphere. Chalk up another victory for those Scandanavians...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Due in a matter of days...
The Rt. Hon. Duglas T. Stewart has intimated that tomorrow night's (Sunday 16th July) Evie Sands show at the ABC2 will start at 7pm. Not 8pm as the ads said. This is presumably so the, er, "club" can strike up the disco for "the kids" later. Whilst being of elder years, I appreciate being able to get outta dodge at a reasonable hour, this whole concept is - how can I put this... oh yeah, fucked!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You'll hardly notice, considerin' my lack of postings on this here NBT blog, but I'll be off on a short holiday break.
Back soon enough I'm afraid, but in the meantime I'll be "out there havin' fun in the warm Walcheren sun" (if that means anything to ya...).
Obviously, Captain Hutton 'll remain in charge here, but at least you'll be spared my inane ramblin's for a while...
RIP - Red Buttons
“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (allegedly). I’m settling at the minute for the fact that recent events haven’t in fact killed me. Waters and wells and Joni Mitchell songs reverberate in my noggin. Driving to and from the stalag today, I got re-aquainted with “Nights of Forgotten Films” in anticipation of the Edinburgh Film Festival programme dropping through the door. I need to give it the full forensic treatment tonight but a quick skip through the site, and said print, doesn’t look like I’ll be holing up in Auld Reekie too much over the two weeks. No Monks, no Pankrti, nothing terribly musical at all except maybe The Pixies documentary - "loudQUIETloud". If you aren’t down with that album by The Strange then I’d advise you to spring for that before you even think about film festival tickets. Because it evokes the kind of pictures we WANT to see. It’s The Bambi Molesters + Chris Eckman. What’s not to like for chrissakes!?
Meanwhile, coming up on the horizon sooner than said movie fest – Evie Sands show at the ABC2 this coming Sunday (16th) should be on your radar. Time to pick over that programme then to plan the festival schedule whilst listening to Amy Rigby and Marti Jones. There’s nothing good on TV (anyway).

Well the rumour merchants continue to decypher what was said to the great Zidane by his fave italian Matterazzi, and we at Phobics HQ can reveal what drove Zid Vicious to Head Butting crazy man mode...... " Hey Zinedine, can you get my effin' phobics cds back from your sister and mother cos now we've won the world cup I wanna celebrate you loser!"

Expect to see both in the crowd for this Saturday's gig - but be nice gentlemen or we'll be flashing our red cards!

Yessir our last minute reminder for Saturday 15th July. Barnets birthday extravaganza at the 12 Bar in Denmark Street - THE PHOBICS are on at 10:30 and will be signing autographs and body parts all through the night.

Aiding and abetting will be TOXIC SLUT, LAY OUT THE TRAPS, VACANTS and APB and headlining are the mighty evil-elvis-tastic VIVA LAS VEGAS. It's six quid in with a flyer which you can download from the photos section of

those of you who like candid entertainment should make your way to the punk photo exhibition in west london which has some fab heartbreakers shots by leee- it's free and at the redferns gallery in bramley road near to latimer road tube.

....and those for a likeing of great punk journo overload should check the latest edition of trakmarx which is a new york dolls special edition.

All this in the same weekend of Johnny Thunders Birthday and the Anniversary of Arthur Kane's death so lots more reasons to raise a glass or three. see you at the (12) Bar!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


the transatlantic feedback

a play loud! documentary film by dietmar post + lucia palacios

(100 min - usa/germany/spain 2006)

two screenings at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN on Wednesday July 19 and Saturday July 22 at 10:15pm The filmmakers will be in attendance.

MUSEUM LICHTSPIELE MÜNCHEN press screening July 22, 2006 at 12:00 AMat Maxx 5

Visit the play loud! site to see reviews and get news of the upcoming Monks tribute album.

Hollywood Reporter review

RADIO BIRDMAN have their new album "Zeno Beach" released by Yep Roc in August and they'll be embarking on a global trek to promote it. The monster lands in the UK at the DWC on Wednesday, September 13th so none of this "onstage at 6.30pm" malarky that hampered their last visit. Word is that there's a pretty nifty line-up in the works for that Dirty Water evening. Full details if, as and indeed when. They're also playing at the great La Maroquinerie in Paris during their schlepp. Click that global trek link for full details.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I heard that divot Gary Robertson on Radio Scotland say “Have The Who had a hit since ‘My Generation’?” Only slightly rising to the bait I managed to quell the urge to send an e-mail rocket. What would be the point? And what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things?? You just expect people to know, y’know? Particularly those who aren’t exactly spring chickens themselves. Anyway, Pete and Rog are getting much media mileage out of closing P in the Dark tonight. The “hope I die, etc” is on a constant loop. I know who I want to die and those two aren't even in the pecking order. The tossers that reckon this constitutes “news”on the other hand... And also the popularity of some of the others on the bill. Watching some of the performances on TV last night perplexed me. The Zutons aren’t too bad but The Ordinary Boys? Calling themselves that is surely damning themselves with faint praise. Terrible tuneless pish. Wolfmother’s Jack White/Zep via Deep Purple heavy rock codswallop – dearie me. And Paul (F) Weller (to quote those Voladoras) , I had to switch over at that point such was the scale of utter averageness. The Kooks are pretty mind-numbingly awful too, it has to be said. Why do I bother? Well, I like to try and find out about what’s popular and make up my own mind. Rather than just jump to any conclusions. But no wonder sales are down. The stuff they’re pushing to the kids is, at best and for the most part, tripe. In the end I voted by pressing the off button to ponder whether or not I’m prone to over-reaction. It's true, I do have more pressing matters to concern me and I don't need any cranking up of the irked-ometer right about now. But it's not all doom and gloom. there are still events being organised in this world that offer a ray of hope. In Spain, this approaching September there’s a festival that includes some GOOD bands at least. Check out the AZKENA bill then. I'm not sure if they're certain of good weather but you wouldn't mind getting a bit wet in the presence of some of these...
Brother Patrick's US Tour Reports sounds like it was a blast! parking and speeding tickets notwithstanding...

June 22 – July 5, 2006

"The only thing I knew is that we (my son, Jonathan and I) were starting out in Boston and leaving from Chicago. Well, I also had a book that Ben gave me, “Rock’n’Roll Traveller USA”, it was very useful (and the GPS that helped to find records shops and other cool places).

In Boston, Chuck and Jim (aka Nimereht, theremin backwards) were waiting for us at the airport – they took two days off to show us around, cool guys. They’d planned to go the Crypt shop opening that was supposed to happen on June 23rd but was postponed to early July. We stayed at Chuck’s place and they drove us to all the cool places. Record shops (Stereo Jack’s on Massachusetts Ave, is the only one that I remember the name of), the place where The Rat (then Ratskeller) used to be, their favourite restaurants (Mexican) or clubs - the Middle East, where the MC5, Dirtbombs, the Monkey Butlers have played, the Museum of Fine Arts ( we saw sthe great paintings mentioned by Jonathan Richman in his song “Girlfriend”, but there was also this special and great exhibition called “Americans In Paris 1860-1900”. We probably visited the whole downtown Boston (New England), beautiful place.
And they wanted to pay for everything! Chuck even stopped in the first record shop to buy the new Demolition Doll Rods CD (I already had an advance copy but this new Swami record on seems not to be that well distributed) and Jim gave us T-shirts, pins, records of his own group, The Monkey Butlers. By chance I had brought some records and Champagne for these generous guys. Talking about records, we finally all found copies of The Coachwhips vinyl – Jim “you’re member of every garage forum ... and a guy told you, did you go to see the Coachwhips show the other day, they’re a kinda mix of Mummies/Gories/Oblivians – Who ? the Coachwhips! they issued 3 or 4 albums (I found 3) and you even never heard their name!”. The guy we met who saw The Coachwhips show is called Pip. He first saw the Cramps in Boston (1984) and that show changed his life; he said that Lux got into a fight after 3 or 4 songs and that Nick Knox came to the rescue, jumping on the guy Lux was fighting with. He said it was the wildest show he ever saw, and that included a Lords Of The New Church show during which Stiv got a blow job from 2 girls while singing! Another great story is when Chuck and Jim were in Philadelphia to see the Cramps. They went to Rich Lustre’s place, he is one of the greatest people they ever met and had said, “too bad I couldn’t reach you on the phone, Lux and Ivy were looking for someone who could drove them to the venue ...” – Jim told him “stop, I don’t want to hear that”. In Boston, I also bought the Volcanoes “Into The Psyche” LP, probably one of the best Cramps sounding album, along with Art Phag’s “Instant Ventriloquism”.

After another rest in Chuck’s beautiful house (he’s an architect), we went with Kim, his sweetheart, to have a marvelous breakfast at Joey’s Diner, a 100% Fifties place with parts of vintage cars and a great jukebox ... then we went to visit Porthmouth, a beautiful port. We got our first ticket (fine) there but Kim said she’ll take care of that.

After a quick visit and sleep in Providence, we headed for the big apple, where we got our second ticket (the main problem in the USA with the prohibited parking places – sometimes up to $ 15 for the 1st hour). Even a New Yorker parked just behind us couldn’t explain why we got it. Jim told me it happened to him too. After a few difficulties with finding a hotel room, we finally found one at The Newton on Broadway). It was time to go to the special Bar-b-q show at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. The bar-b-q was cancelled due to the weather but the show was the most important part. A special Canadian set with Imaginary Icons, BBQ and Demon’s Claws. The 2 others were pretty decent but BBQ one man band was the real deal, awesome - what this man can do with just a drum kit and a guitar (sometimes played with just one hand!) – during the last 3 songs, he was accompanied by 2 guys from the Demon’s Claws. I chatted with Pierrot who told me that he just left The Fatals and Mighty Go Go Players to play organ with The Demon’s Claws (my advice : not a good choice). I noticed this beautiful girl with a bag designed with the Rolling Stones “Aftermath” (English edition) LP cover, and asked her if she was Miriam : she was – and Billy was there too – I told her all the good things I think about Norton records, the Cramps, A-Bones etc. She’s a real cutie, very kind – she really enjoyed BBQ show and also told me that she was born in Canada. Our second day in New York was visiting – from uptown (Harlem) to downtown, we must have walked around 20 miles. I noted all the record shops addresses for Sean, a few good ones, too bad Bleeker’s Bob doesn’t exist anymore. After a visit at CBGB / CBGB Gallery (313-315 Bowery) where I bought the CBGB book, featuring a cool photo of the Cramps in 1977 (with Miriam), lotsa Ramones. Went for a giant dinner at The Carnegie Deli – we couldn’t finish the whole thing but we impressed the other clients and even the crew considering the amount of what we ate (I was ashamed when I remembered that some people are starving). The World Trade Centre was a strange place to see too, very emotional (by chance I went to NY before 2001), the only thing that sucks are those guys selling postcards or books with the planes crashing into the towers. We also went to MOMA museum – special Dada exhib (Marcel Duchamp...), fantastic. I wanted to visit Passout Records in Brooklyn, probably the best garage shop in this part of the USA said Jim, before heading for Philly, but it seems those guys needed to rest (shop not opened at 2 PM!).

Philly is a cool city too. We went to The Philadelphia Record Exchange, very good shop, a la Born Bad, with cool new stuff (I bought the brilliant Leather Uppers LP on Goner) and also tons of old stuff (I bought the Drifters “Under The Boardwalk” LP for Ben). The shop owner told me that Hasil Adkins played in the street in front of the shop the 1st time he came in town. He also saw Lux and Ivy once in the 80’s, freezing in the street. Maybe they were visiting the Sickidz.

By the way, the only bad thing during our trip is that we couldn’t meet Rich Lustre of Sickidz fame. I called him on his cell phone and he asked me to call his house later. But due to my bad English or rather (I hope) because of the noise on the street, I misheard one of the numbers, and the cell phone wasn’t answering (some some reason, I had other problems calling from hotel rooms and other places). So we missed Rich but caught up over a couple phone calls since – a very very cool character. I asked him about a new Sickidz album: maybe in a while; here’s hoping.

Hotel in Newark, then Baltimore. Rather boring city except for those houses in the suburbs that make us think of John Waters’ movies. So we spend a long time at the public library to check our emails. Met a great character by the name of Groucho Magic, he showed us a few tricks with coins, traded euros vs. $. He’s a dead ringer for Groucho Marx (it’s his job) and he told us that two of his uncles were members of the Three Stooges.

Hotel in Somerset, Pennsylvania (just before the flood), then Pittsburgh and visited the best record shop I’ve ever seen, Jerry’s Records with probably more than 500,000 records including thousands of 50’s and 60’s unsorted singles, all $3 a piece or $5 for the most recent arrivals (if they don’t sell within 2 months they go in the $3 boxes !). I found tons of incredible stuff like Fortune label (Diablos - Nolan Strong, Nathaniel Mayer), Ted & The Young Lions “Open Up Your Door”, the Poets “Dead” (a monster song as good as Zacherle “Dinner With Drac”, lotsa stuff from Lux & Ivy’s favourite and other ones, just because of the label (Checker : Bo Diddley, Dale Hawkins) or the name of the group (Tim Tam and the Turns On ...) / the songs (I’m A Nut” ...). And this day was a special 16 % minus on prices ! Eyde’s used to be a good shop too (3 floors), but it’s so so now.

Akron (Ohio), Lux’s city is rather small but it looks good. We got our card from the Akron-Summit County Public Library and had dinner in a cool Japanese restaurant there and the beautiful waitress who took care of us was called Ivy ! (don’t believe me ? I’ve kept the bill ...).

Cleveland – well, rather than going to the Rock’n’Roll hall of Fame, we tried to find batty bucks for Chuck – those shoes with bat laces that Mad Daddy used to wear – and also visited record shops (15 closed within a few years) : Royal Garden Records with something like 100,000 records, most unsorted, and the best ones : My Mind’s Eye (13727 Madison), lotsa new stuff but also oldies (bought some singles, “Hungry” by Paul Revere & The Raiders ... and Nolan Strong & The Diablos CD, among others). The guy was so generous that he gave me a special box to put all my singles. I showed what I’ve already found and we religiously listened to the Diablos “The Wind” (Fortune, blue label), his Grail – I promised to buy a copy for him if I saw one in Detroit, but no luck. I was in a hurry to get to Detroit : drove at 80mph instead of 65 and got a $105 fine, the price you pay to visit a police car.

Detroit looks like no other city, and I love it : Hitsville USA, the Magic Stick, the Michigan Theatre is now a parking lot ... Almost all the buildings are abandoned, except for a few downtown. A guy told me that this city and the people living here are fucked up, but I loved it anyway. There’s no subway, just the Detroit People Mover on a rail, which only serves a small part of the city – it was built with the idea of bringing factory workers in to spend their money in the bars or to shop downtown.

We visited 2 record shops recommanded by Danny Dollrod : Peoples (615 W Forest) with lots of unsorted singles (bought 15 singles – Fortune ... and a Wilson Picket LP for a total of $20) and Mays (on 8 Mile street), more expensive ($ 10 for Ray Charles “I Don’ Need No Doctor” on ABC records, but only $5 for this fantastic other 7” by the Poets “She Blew A Good Thing”, ...), but it’s worth the visit just to see this tall 70 year old guy who knows exactly where everyone of his records is (and they’re mostly unsorted).

Then it was time to go to this Comerica Tastefest free festival. We saw Cat Power, Ray Davies – show mostly composed by Kinks songs, a great moment, he speaks a lot of his brother Dave who, I guess, is very sick, and DEMOLITION DOLL RODS. It was great to see them on their home turf, with more people than usual : their public, of course, but also little girls dancing with hula hoops, just in front of the scene. The master of ceremony announced “after Dan playing solo 2 years ago and Margaret last year, now here are the Demolition Doll Rods band, the one in Detroit”. DDR played a short but intense set of 10 songs, featuring a new one called “Dream It Or Leave It”. As usual, they were cuties and they accept one photo before leaving in their 60’s cars.

A guy who distributed his free fanzine “Inflame Media” told me that DDR will be on the cover of next issue, that he’s gonna send to me (I wore a Gories T shirt, his all time favourite group). We also visited The Henry Ford Museum (my son likes cars) and I was glad to see “Rosa Parks Bus”, where the Martin Luther King movement began, a piece of history. There’s also Kennedy’s car and other cool stuff, the biggest train I’ve ever seen ...

A quick trip to Ann Harbor, Iggy’s place, saw the Stooges Manor, now a bank. Then to a beautiful beach, Benton Harbor on Lake Michigan – we decided to stay there that night.

Our last destination was at Ben’s in Chicago. After a visit downdown by ourselves : 2120 S Michigan Avenue = Chess studios, now Chess Museum – Vee Jay studios are located W Michigan; Ben drove us to cool places: the alley where Dillinger was killed, the Metro (the Cramps and lotsa punk groups played there), record shops (found Archie Blyers’ “Ernando’s Hideaway” and the Novas’ “The Crusher” on Parrot records). Ben made me hear some of the awesome new stuff he recently discovered (a show by the Cramps featuring “Hungry”, in 1978!). We were lucky that Gobo, his lizard wasn’t too cranky, he didn’t bite our toes. We also visited some Chicago suburbs - just because this damned GPS took us at the wrong place – or with Ben, to see the very first Macdonald’s in Des Plaines (1955: hamburgers for 10 cents), Lake Michigan and other great places. We spent July 4th (I bought the new Johnny Cash “American V”, issued that special day) in Kankukee, with Ben’s friend’s and family – we were received like kings and our trip finished with a big fireworks party, surrounded by bats and glow in the dark insects (lucioles).

The USA is a beautiful country, the people we met were very kind to us and we can’t wait to go back. "

Saturday, July 08, 2006

So does CBGB’s heading for Vegas signal the apocalypse (or A-rock-alypse as Lordi call it)? Or is it just a logical outcome for the “brand”? Between hard rockisation and a hard place, I really don’t know. The increasing fragmentation of what the “music business” is morphing into makes it difficult to comprehend any bigger picture. I mean a Ramones “musical”? Who coulda seen that coming? Not me from “doon the front” at the July 4th 1976 Roundhouse show that’s for sure. There are so many distractions, so many angles that subtract from the enjoyment of the actual commodity. Ignorance is, most, definitley bliss. But, whatever happens to CB’s down the line, nobody can takeaway what it was or indeed still is at the original location. Urinals notwithstanding.
So what do you, er, "kids", um, think about this then?

Friday, July 07, 2006

RIP - Paul Nelson (link courtesy of MT). Interview at

also RIP - Tom Weir

and finally... RIP - Kathy Wood (Widow of Ed)- link courtesy of Ben Gart via Staysick.
SWEDESPLEASE Scandanavian mp3's of all shapes, sizes and persuasions.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Regular stoppers-by will have noticed that my posts of late have been a bit spotty. This is because of stuff beyond my control labeled "real life" or what passes for it.

Anyway, some things that I've meant to run by you folks in the Glasgow locale...

Volcanic Tongue have a store at 1129 Argyle Street, G3 8ND. Tel: 0141 204 3322...

Picked up a free tabloid thing calle THE SKINNY which provides a comprehensive "Whats' On" guide sorta like The Village Voice for Central Scotland and beyond. In there I discovered some info on the upcoming Evie Sands/BMX Bandits show at the ABC2 on July 16th. Evie's band will include Norman Blake and Davie Scott. You can pick this up almost anywhere so check availability if you're jetting in from wherever.
On the subject of the Scottish Music Scene, folks are invited to check out Martin Kielty's BIG NOISE and pitch in should you see fit.
Was just talking to Sir David of Arnoff who caught the Gun Club movie in LA. There's no bloody music in it. Just talk. Interesting as that could be, what the heck is up with not including the whole point of such a beast in the first place? Wasted opportunity or rough cut awaiting finishing touches? Lets hope for the latter. Wonder what's coming up music-wise in the EIFF programme due July 12th. The Monks? Luna? The Upper Crust? Probably none of those but a guy can dream, right? And coming in September...

The Stripchords @
Sonic Reducer, London, Saturday July 15th - FREE!

All hail, sweaty kits'n'glowing kittens! Well, the summer is well and trooly upon us, and with temperatures hitting the early 30s in Londinium, what better way to make yer weekend special than with a Saturday night at Sonic Reducer? Saturday July 15th will see instro twang sleazemeisters The Stripchords play the 'Reducer, soundtracking their acclaimed selection of vintage 8mm burlesque flicks, with the addition of live go-go dancers! As one patron of the 100 Club put it: "That's not jazz!" And who are we to argue?
The Stripchords will take to the stage at 10.30pm.
Videos, and downloadable tuneage is always available via ... As per, BigKegShandy and Teenslain will be spinning platters that may or may not matter, and if the first 'Reducer at The Spitz is anything to go by, the place will be jumping madly by the witching hour ... So expect the seasonal mix of soul, funk, garage punk, beat, R&B, ska, mento, calypso, reefer jazz, and any other kool trash we can gets our greezy pawses upon! Plus the new Jack Oblivian 45, of course ... See ya the bar!

Selah, BigKegShandy & TeenSlain
Sonic Reducer @ The Spitz (gallery space)
July15th, Spitalfields Market, The London E1
8.30pm-1am, FREE ENTRY Tube: Liverpool Street

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Belgium in November anyone? More info on this when their site goes live...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A guid Dave Alvin day to our friends out there in the US of A. I meant to put type to screen this morning but a series of mishaps which has pretty much been ongoing during the day put paid to it. More later (perhaps)...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

RIP: Robbie Watts (Cosmic Psychos).



ARTHUR LEE - STAY AWAY/YOU I'LL BE FOLLOWING (Norton 7N7) Norton announces the release of never-issued 1965 pre-Love demos Stay Away by the American Four b/w You I’ll Be Following by the Grass Roots, two pre-Love combos that included Arthur Lee and on guitar, the great Johnny Echols. Johnny contributed boss interview notes to our 45 which boasts an insanely cool unknown photo of the American Four (sportin’ Beatle wigs). This limited first pressing is on wild marble colored wax- no two records the same- THEY COME IN COLORS that run a swirly rainbow gamut! These colored wax singles are available only at the tribute show or at the benefit website, with all proceeds going directly to Arthur.

(Norton 315) Pounding 1964-67 East LA rock n ‘roll! First time ever collection of the original Whittier stompers n’ slammers- killer after killer of loud, tense, massively attitudinal teenage howlers! Dig the unstoppable assault of this legendary West Coast combo-- guaranteed to sprain yo’ brain! Instant party never had it so good! Whittier Blvd./Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Jump, Jive And Harmonize/Gloria/Love Special Delivery/Thee Midnite Feeling/I Found A Peanut/Never Knew I Had It So Bad/Down Whittier Blvd.*/Empty Heart/Looking Out A Window/Do You Love Me*/Dragon-Fly*/Hey Little Girl (previously unissued)/Money/Welcome Home Darling/Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly*/Land Of A Thousand Dances (extended live version)/Down Whittier Blvd. (Godfrey vocal) *=CD only CD $12/LP $9
THE KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW FLIGHT 505/THE FLAKES STUPID GIRL (Norton 45-9653) Yes, the label with the able stable has finally landed the in-demand duo for our Rolling Stones trib series, in which we try to alert the inert public about the essential excellence of this relatively unknown English combo by having the hottest names in entertainment today interpret their bucolic chart bubblers. THE KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW's version of Flight 505 is flip-sided by the fabulous FLAKES rendition of the introspective Stupid Girl on this AFTERMATH twin spin ripper! $4 (Coming soon in the Rolling Stones 9600 Tribute Series: The Alarm Clocks/tba plus Black Lips/tba!)
THE U-TURNS - THE DEATH OF GARAGE ROCK (Norton EP-131) Celebrate the death of Garage Rock with the only band that matters! This four song unissued (you'll hear why!) tape of 1966 teenage hi jinx includes a truly demented 1:10 version of 7 And 7 Is, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, Get Off My Cloud and a stunning take of the Beatles' I'm Down. Makes Green Fuz sound like Green Day! $4
Tom Dash’s annual weekender runs three big days at Brooklyn’s fab Southpaw nitery (125 5th Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn). Norton icons (Midwest division) THE ALARM CLOCKS (Cleveland) and THE HENTCHMEN (Detroit) sock the Friday lineup, while old Ohio pals ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS and local geniuses THE LITTLE KILLERS topple the Saturday nite blasteroo!
• July 30 NORTON PRESENTS REIGNING SOUND AND THE A-BONES! Cap things off Sunday with a pre-dog day Union Pool dunker starring the Reigning Sound (only Northeast show!) and the A-Bones with boss deejays DAVE THE SPAZZ (WFMU) and ANDY THE MAZZ (LITTLE KILLERS) spinnin’ sevens all nite long!
• AUG 19 A-BONES/LITTLE KILLERS Saturday nite double-barrel blasteroo at Brooklyn’s most happenin’ hide-a-way MAGNETIC FIELD sets the block afire with a pair of Brooklyn combos headin’ up one heckuva maulin’ ball!
• OCT 14 NORTON ALL-STAR REVUE ATTACKS ESPANA! Help! Murder! Police! One night only…and only in Spain! Star-studded all night Valencia romp n’ stomp boasts Norton legends Andre Williams, the A-Bones and the Great Gaylord! This is a soopah exclusive and extremely greasy engagement-- one mad, mad night in Europa and then jet propelled back to Stateside hubs in Joliet, Brooklyn, and Jersey City, USA before they knew what clobbered ‘em! Whatta way to say OLE! Pre-show ravin’ rev-up bash on Friday the 13th celebrates the Norton label’s big 20th Anniversary with a record hop blasteroo to end all record hop blasteroos with Miriam and Billy blastin’ spinnables all nite long at the usual maximum voloom at 45 RPM! Book ya tix! This is the A-Bones stomp to Spain-- dig the Norton site for a foto of the A-Bones working hard during their last Valencia junket! Dig all the details at:

Norton News In A Nutshell…. The ALARM CLOCKS official website is up, kiddios! Take the last train to Clocksville for up-to-the-minute Yeah gang knock-downs and goings-on at …the guys have recorded nineteen superb songs in Detroit with Michigan mastermind Freddy Fortune at the wheel for their new Norton album… composed largely of fabulous Mike Pierce originals including anthems like Don’t Get Left Behind, More Money and It’s Been Too Long… also recorded is a knockout version of The Last Time for Norton’s Rolling Stones split single series. New York City will welcome the Alarm Clocks for their first show here ever on July 28 at the Southpaw… excitement is building like crazy for the recording for the first solo album by original Shangri-Las lead singer MARY WEISS, backed by the REIGNING SOUND, which begins on July 24. If you haven't checked our interview with Mary yet, DO IT, right now and not later, baby… it’s on our website… famed Las Vegas/Hollywood filmmaker RAY DENNIS STECKLER of RAT PFINK A BOO-BOO fame… will be feted this fall in his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania where his films will be screened, along with his brand new autobiographical roadtrip feature, with all music by the A-BONES… speaking of film meisters, RUDY RAY MOORE has been hospitalized with a diabetes-related illness. The bad, bad Dolemite asked that we relay a thank you to his many concerned fans, adding, "Don’t nobody try to steal my crown. I was through with it before the others knew what to do with it!"… hep director DAN ROSE announces the release of WAYNE COUNTY RAMBLIN’ with a massive bevy of stars including Nortonians NATHANIEL MAYER, JEFF CONOLLY (Lyres), BILL PEITSCH (Church Keys), MICK COLLINS (Dirtbombs), CUB KODA (Del-Tinos) and JAMES OSTERBERG (Iguanas)… big release party June 24… …just in! Get ready to rip it up with a newly unearthed set of live SONICS circa 1965 featuring roarin’ deliveries of Busy Body, Tough Walk and Ooh Poo Pah Doo… Goodbye and RIP to A-Bones’ pal Freddy "Stinky" Kreiss of the Mad Daddys… roll on…
Scotland's only French language garage band


Featuring D.J's Le Marquis De Jardin & Le Pape du Pop

gainsbourg - B.B. - jacques dutronc - claude francois - ronnie bird

'Beatsville' presents (after a 3 year absence) the return of the one and only French Sixties Pop Experience!

'Where else can you dance to the Ye-Ye hits of 'France Gall' and 'Johnny Halliday' of an evening?'

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Everybody I know has a big but..." sez PeeWee Herman in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Saw that tonight for the first time in years. And he's right. But anyway, everybody has to make their way. They may also have "to pay and pay". Hustle(s) notwithstanding. I have a deep seated foreboding gnawing at my will to exist this past couple of days. In complete and utter contrast to the positive place that I found myself last Saturday night. Here's what I think could be one of the most disturbing album covers of all time. Courtesy of Captain Crunch who spied it in the Byres Road Oxfam shop and gifted it to me. When I worked in Orbit Records, here in the early to mid-70's we used to sell bings of this. The "Night Of The Hunter" vibe of the sleeve didn't click back then but it'd probably be banned outright now. I don't think it's been reproduced in any of these dodgy album cover books but it must be a candidate. Today has been a bust. Chores and general bollocks have decreed that any sort of attempt at blogging has been foiled. Had a few enquiries as to "reviewing stuff" and the criteria remains. I do get sent stuff and if I think our readers will dig it or whatever then I'll write about it. As I'm sure will the other guys. If I think something is guff then I won't. It's not difficult (I don't think) to get a beat on what we like around here and what we don't. This thing exists for information purposes. To direct people to stuff that might just make the schlepp that teeny bit more bearable. End of sermon.

THE VIDEO BEAT (link courtesy of Steve Hesske)

RIP - Johnny Jenkins (info from Phast Phreddie)