Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to the world of CRUD CRUD
"Happy Noo Yerr, kits and kittens!

So your tum's now the size of a pot-bellied pig, and your bank account balance couldn't get more crimson - but here's SONIC REDUCER to save the day!

Yus, this Saturday (January 7th) is our first FREE club night of 2006, and will see resident spinners BigKegShandy and TeenSlain ease their way into the New Year with some smooth southern/deep soul sounds, pulsing rhythm'n'blues, backbone-slipping funk, kickin' garage, moon-hopping reggae'n'ska, and the freshest bands from around the world, plus all the other mutant reefer jazz, Nederbeat, 1970s punk, and avant electonica that's fit to spin.

There'll be vintage rock'n'roll footage on the big screen (including masses of Pretty Things stuff, The Stooges in 1971, and the Cramps back in '78!), plus guest DJ Craig Roythorne (Shake, Jubjub) from Bristol, and a whole mess of good vibes ...

Sonic Reducer @ Filthy MacNasty's, Saturday January 7th, 7pm, FREE
68 Amwell Street, London EC1V, Nearest Tube is Angel / King's Cross"
"SUZY & LOS QUATTRO have returned to SCREAMING APPLE to offer their fans the opportunity to get some of the stuff they have released in the past few years on CD only for the first time on vinyl. This compilation contains the whole ‘Freak show’ MCD, all their sold out 45s and other hard to find goodies recorded by the best REAL power-pop band in Europe besides the mighty YUM YUMS. The origin of the band from Barcelona, Spain is a truly romantic one. B.B. (bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and Suzy(vocals) were about to celebrate their anniversary as a couple, and they decided that they could not find a better present for the other than booking a weekend at Coky’s (former Shock Treatment member) Rockaway Studios and record several tunes B.B. had in the can with Tomás, former singer of the sadly missed pop-punk legend DEPRESSING CLAIM on drums. They take all those sounds we’ve loved for so many years (RAMONES, BLONDIE, NIKKI & the CORVETTES, DWIGHT TWILLEY, PHIL SEYMOUR and so many more) and blend them with a style that is both pure, lovely, sweet, sexy and exciting. They show incredibly good songwriting (for a band that was never intended to be!) and the production and vocal arrangements are superb. Finding the right combination of energy and sweet melodies is hard to do, but SUZY & LOS QUATTRO certainly discovered the perfect way to pop heaven. Get this platter and you can be sure to survive even the longest and coldest winter, just to be perfectly prepared for the next summer!"