Thursday, September 28, 2006

It took me about 4 goes to get that last posting onto the blog. I noticed I made a gaff or three and tried to change it. Would it let me? Would it heck is like... anyway that radio thing back there should read RaDiO SpANgLEs.
And The Monks tix are available at Sounds That Swing, Intoxica and Pure Groove in London should you be able to score them in person. I've 'ad enough of this for tonight now. Nothing is easy at the minute and tapping away at this thing is sucking the will to live outta me.
I'm just about to hit Publish Post if it doesn't do like it sez then this contraption could well be out on the pavement in a few minutes...
Circumstances continue to prevail that prevent me from updating this as often as I have in the past. What follows is an attempt to provide info on up and coming events that may well be in proximity to you. Or not maybe. But anyway, check some, all or none of these events out... according to your schedule. Firstly this...

"It’s only two days away, but I think it will be good news for the Dutch NBT-readers: Impolite Garage Fest #4

It’s our fourth annual garage r’n’r soulparty. The only one in The Hague, mind you. Which is a bloody shame, since the city brought us such great sixties beatbands as: The Golden Earrings, The Motions, Shocking Blue & Q65. We try to live up to that spirit!

This year we got: The Miracle Man (great beatgroup from Klazienaveen), Sonic Litter (The Hague's kings of the garageparty), The Peptones (garageR’n’R from The Hague with special guest Eric Geevers, of the legendary Ace-Tones, on his vox continental) & The Low Point Drains (from Rotterdam, who will use the occasion to present their new single on Slovenly Records!) . All night long some of the coolest dj's will be spinning their grooviest 45's!!!

Thanks a lot,
Bram Haasdijk (
Impolite Records, The Peptones) "

The Monks tickets are now on sale for the DWC show on Friday 19th October. These are available from We Got Tickets and are £26. The band will also play in Germany so check the PLAY LOUD site for details of screenings of the documentary and live dates there. The film will receive its UK premiere at the Leeds International Film Festival where it'll be screened on Novembers 4th and 6th.

Looking for some background music to accompany your browsing of all this? Then enlist the company of RADIO SPANGLES. You could also nip over to their myspace department and stream "Gangland" and other songs while we await a release date for their second album. That's if your computer can handle it. This one can't.
This bloody blogger is acting up tonight also but bear with me, i'm doing my damnedest...

These here photos were provided by Mr Tony Thewlis. They depict the adventures of Messrs Loney and Wilson with their respective Longshots and Groovin' Flames in Spain recently... history was made and much action was shaken, nae doubt!

There I was, innocently checking out Swedesplease as I do daily when I clocked a mention of Hello Saferide UK shows. There will be three London gigs in November and I am at this very minute trying to figure out how the heck I can catch at least one of 'em...

That's it for this instalment, now to see if it posts...