Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday April 6th. The introduction of a 50% tax rate for high earners (which counts me way out) and also something called the “fit note” replacing the “sick note”. When I heard about that first, I thought it was some token Aberdonian lingo being sneaked into the mainstream but no. It’s another unnecessary pile of shite to contend with in the maelstrom of everyday existence. In addition, it’s widely believed that the general election will be called today. I’m thinking this isn’t Japanese but if it was it would be very apt, considering the members that are involved. At the present trajectory, I think that the UK will be closed from about May 15th.

I mentioned on Fizzogblag yesterday that I saw “Alice In Wonderland”. If you were considering it, don’t bother. It’s rubbish. If it hadn’t been for the tiffin cake, things could have really taken a dive. If you’ve seen the trailer then you’ve seen the best bits. It wasn’t in 3D incidentally but I didn’t relish having to wear another pair of stupid glasses over the gregs that I rely on to see anyway.

However, all is not complete doom and gloom. I’m heading for Glasgow and could well be there for some time. Catch you on the flipside.