Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr Ulf's recco from last week, hitting up Tut's in Glasgow on June 11th and on tour in the UK. Dig that poppy Television sound on "Boy, Boy"...

Great to see that Elton Motello thing but this lassie made the definitive rendition in my book...

So here I am, back from wherever the lack of a computer has banished me these past few weeks. I’m grateful to have been hooked up with a rig to tide me over until I figure out what to do about a new one. I have to say that it’s running pretty sweetly but there may be some compatibility issues with old bumf and the firewall malarky until it settles. I can report that the people at Norton internet security were very helpful too although if Norton Records had that kinda apparatus then I'd much rather plump for that. However it’s early days and just being here at all is something of a relief. Thanks for all the messages and apologies for the no-show replies, etc.

This weekend, I hope to catch up with a few things whilst utilising my newfound ability to take some time away from the front of the screen. I’m not sure that can be construed as multi-tasking but who the hell knows what goes anymore. Not me. So this is my first post on the new (to me) set up. Let's see where it takes us.
Nothing is ever simple. I could whine for paragraphs about this computer situation but there’s no point. It’s a right royal pain in the arse. Economics preclude the ability to just shell out for an all singing, all dancing replacement at this time. Sorting out something to bridge the gap has also been fraught with logistical pitfalls and that precious commodity known as time is taking the piss and showing no sign of letting up.

Aside from that and being backed up to Jackson Heights with a ton of stuff, everything is peachy. The punishment continues unabated and 25 minutes doesn’t provide much time to keep you in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed.

Meanwhile, here’s another great story from JD King

Just heard that the next issue of Plan B will be the last. Shame because it was good mag. (thanks to Martin for the info)

Great line up including the first Scottish appearance of Los Lobos along with Booker T on the same bill one night! (Thanks to Colin for the reminder)

And don't forget, The Quattros are in Paris tonight. Make them welcome!


We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the wonderful new Malcolm Middleton album, Waxing Gibbous. It will take place in Mono on Sunday 31 May from 7.30pm. Malcolm will be playing a few songs, as will Danny Saunders from Correcto. DJ is Noj. The album will be on sale from midnight and the event is free.

Tenniscoats, the enchanted folk-pop duo from Tokyo, return to their other HQ, Glasgow on Thursday 4th June for an unmissable show in Mono with Richard Youngs (songs, acoustic guitar, music stand), and The Apples Of Energy from Croy. Tickets for this one are available from Monorail for £8.50 plus booking fee.

We are once again supporting the excellent Le Weekend festival and will have a stall in the Tolbooth on the Friday and Saturday with Early Songs, Carla Bozulich, Drew Mulholland & Adrian Utley and the amazing Eddie Marcon amongst others. Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May.

Our next film club takes place on Sunday 21st June at 7pm when photographer, Neil Davidson introduces Christopher Petit's British road movie, Radio On. As ever, we recommend booking tickets in advance. Glasgow Film Theatre.