Saturday, January 21, 2012

At last! The details of the 2012 Lux Lives celebration can be revealed.

Ladies and gentlemen,

live at Henry's Cellar Bar on February 3rd 2012,

- The Acid Fascists
- Fnords
- The Z28
- The Bucky Rage
- Dick Dangerous & The Love Bastards
- Fanny Pelmet & The Bastard Suits
- The Charles Randolph Rivers

Slim Rivers Revue
- Lord Rochester
- Sterling Roswell
- And very possibly one or two more!

So that's 9, count 'em, at least 9 super rock'n'roll machines offering you, the discerning rock'n'roll connoisseur, the finest goddamn rock'n'roll treats the Cramps taught 'em.

Yes! And how much would you pay for a wondrous thing like this? Wait! Don't answer, til I tell what else you git!

Not only do you have a full evening's entertainment, but you, the lucky punter, may also take home a souvenir CD, compiled by none other than Kogar The Swinging Ape - compiler of the essential Lux & Ivy's favourites compilations. CD cover by JR Williams!

But that's not all! Get an exclusive, Lux Lives 2012 badge! Designed by the infamous Rick Buzzin'.

All of this, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your bit to keeping the flamejob alive. All for Five (5) of your earth pound notes!

You better duck, if you don't show up!

The Goo Goo Muck!