Monday, October 20, 2008

I should really go out and get some stuff from the supermarket but can't be arsed. There'll be a torrent of cursing in the morning but the spirit, the flesh and all the other sprites are conspiring agin my better judgement.

Just added the new Matt and Kim video there for your viewing pleasure. They were nearly in the UK touring with CSS around now but circumstances didnae prevail. What can I tell you...? When the album comes out in January it may become clearer when they'll be back.

Still no concrete word on the Wooden Shjips but as far as the scoop from the pavie goes - the game is on at Sloans on November 2nd.

Not really in the frame of mind to spout off tonight and could well have fallen asleep infront of the TV by around the 8.30pm mark. Awaiting word that Lennart P's site has gone live and I also need to make sure that my column for OX is sorted prior to the deadline this time out. Tonight's most likely course of action is loaded on the side of being planked on the sofa though. I imagine that I'll be on this side of antsy until my final fix of Baltimore later in the week.

I will do the dishes before I crash. Promise.