Monday, December 22, 2014

This Year's Big Festive Smash!

Merry Christmas from the Weeping Willows (with the one and only Annika Norlin)

Happenings Over Seven Days Time Ago...


Hardly seems like a couple of days since "The London” schlep never mind over a week. I’ve made it to the holidaze though and the plan is to seldom venture from the midden heid. There are a couple of exceptions but the hatches are as good as battened down.

I should have reported all this by now but I had a wee problem with blogger. It logged me out and it took a couple spins of the block to get back in here. I’ve no idea what happened. It was like getting locked out of the house. Something else that presented itself when I managed to throw my keys into the recycling bin this past Friday, possibly as a result of having made it to the aforementioned finish line. So let’s go back in time a bit to Thursday 11th December and Wreckless Eric’s pitstop in Glasgow.

The battle-weary players gave it their all to a sadly depleted audience and were rewarded with having to spend the night in a certain guest house in Renfrew Street. Easily the best ticket in town that night, I guess the festive revelry didn't extend to hearing some rather exceptional music. This made it doubly worse that there was no Elvis Booth session that night.

However, I managed to haul ass to the train and the “weather bomb” that had threatened to upset travel earlier in the week never came to pass. The journey down was damn smooth. A bit like the couple of pints partaken of in The Queens Head prior to heading for Dalston. I made it to the Shacklewell Arms in time for soundcheck.

The room seemed smaller than I remembered it, perhaps it’s these new varifocals but it was sure grand to see those Fleshtones. Due to some long-overdue socialising, I managed to miss both support acts but that happens sometimes although on this occasion it wasn’t a cobbled together bill. DWC don’t play that.

A rammed Shack’ got well and truly super-rocked and reinforced that the wrong of the band never having been to Scotland for 31 years + needs to be righted. A plan is in motion to rectify this over the course of 2015 and I’ll keep you posted on this front. Visiting US dignitary, Brother Scott Cornish took the Fleshtones pictures that accompany this missive.

He was also present at the 100 Club on Saturday night where the Wreckless sleigh made its penultimate stop of this semester, a grand triumph in front of a sizeable crowd even although it took place absurdly early., almost to the extent of being a matinee. I don't mind an early start but I believe such a thing is a problem for prospective attendees. Whatever the pros and cons of that, it’s a real treat to see him with a band and I've had the pleasure of seeing this three times over the course of 2014. There was a little glam Creedence seepage this time around that just bolstered the full-blooded renditions of material from his recently revitalised portfolio. "Kilburn Road" was particularly robust in these conditions. I think this was the best Christmas show I’ve seen since The Sensational Alex Harvey Band used to take over the Glasgow Apollo all those moons ago.

Santa Goulden made the scene for the encore to perform the recently-recorded festive paen, "Christmas on the M62". A cautionary tale if ever there was one.

100 club pictures by Me with my ropey phone.