Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RIP - Oscar Peterson
As a reknowned bah-humbugger, I've already tackled several chores this morning which have nothing to do with the season. It's not that I don't like the theory of Christmas, and I do like a Christmas tune or six if it hits the spot like "Ipod Xmas" or Ben Vaughn's "Christmas Feeling" to name but two recent favourites. No, this time of year sparks memories that I'd rather forget for one reason and another without getting maudlin but hey, it'll all be over soon enough.

The Proclaimers show in Glasgow on Saturday night was a hoot. Not least for the fact that my Uncle Wreckless joined them onstage for "Whole Wide World". Whatever anybody wants to chip in, this is solid entertainment and they have songs in their canon that are standards now. Hard to compute that these guys that I once saw opening for The Cateran in Edinburgh have gone from that to being an institution in a little over two decades. That sort of thing could never happen now, most acts don't even last two months. They dedicated "A Letter From America" to Kai Davidson and I understand they donated proceeds from the Edinburgh show to the charity that has been set up in his memory. I imagine that's what should have been reported in the rags instead of what was this past weekend. Just as well that nobody who reads that shit thinks twice about it and if they do that's once for either brain cell so it doesn't count.

Sometimes, when I admit to liking The Proclaimers, people look at me funny. That's generally because they haven't seen them. It's true that all the songs aren't great but this is good, old fashioned, honest music hall. So oddly normal yet light years weirder than the material might suggest. And, isn't that what it's all about after all?

So more chores are a callin' kids... there are a few creatures a-stirrin' and the sun has come out. Even the frost this morning was disappointing so not a hint of winter wonderland even. See you on Boxing Day, when most everybody is at the sales buying more shite they don't need.