Friday, June 03, 2011

RIP - James Arness

Caroline Munro at GFT this Sunday...

The best powerpop and garagerock festival in Europe this summer! Check out the line-up! :)

Now, you know how some people are prone to make claims that simply don't stand up?

However this one is justified and I'll even let that "smiley" go because it's there to punctuate the truth. This time next week (Friday) one hell of a party will be kicking off in Moss, Norway. There's still time to make your arrangements. Those of you that already have will no doubt be aware that the venue has changed. All the up to date info is but a click away. Look forward to seeing you there.

In the run-up... The Fleshtones are in Stockholm tonight and heading toward Moss in a logistically complex trajectory (Portugal tomorrow) to superrock next Saturday night.

The Nomads are in Lyon tomorrow for a Moss pre-match warm up.