Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Friday evening and time is of the essence. Another week of graft closer to oblivion and there are several hurdles to leap en route to next week's scheduled lollygadding. It's good to glimpse a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Blimey, I nearly used a word that could have been misconstrued as a racist slur there, must be way more alert than I feel.

To your left there, is the cover of the upcoming Dig It. This issue (#43) includes Brother Patrick's report on the family outing to see The Sonics in London forever ago.

Looking forward to introducing you to two rip-roaring new blogs in the near future but they're not quite ready to go public yet. It'll be more than worth the wait so expect a fanfare soon.

Depending on my flakeability, I'll try to get some review action going but my liner for the upcoming Munster dvd by The Zeros must take priority. It's a belter and one of the extras is an interview with the band's first manager - the great Phast Phreddie Patterson.

Now that the garden refuse bin has been emptied, I'm duty bound to fill it again. The purpose of all good citizens is to at least attempt to keep their place straight, right? Aye. Right...