Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is gonna be pretty short and sweet for today. Lot of folks on holiday, no access to computers stuff like that plus I'm gonna take time out to get in about the Mike Edison book that just arrived.

Whilst in Glasgow the other day, I was told - in the biggest Zavvi (formerly Virgin) store that they no longer stocked 7" singles. last time I was in Edinburgh there were plenty so maybe it's just a store by store thing but I urge you not to encourage ANY record shop that doesn't stock 45's.

They're getting relegated to the furthest corners of a lot of the places that do stock them too. Can anybody tell me if the Sharleen Spiteri single is available on vinyl? I guess not but if that is indeed the case then why not? It's got Kaiser George Miller on it and the "A-side" bears more than a passing resemblance to the Shangri-las so what the chuff is Universal thinking about? I wouldn't buy the album but I'd certainly have picked up a few copies of a 45 to share with fellow enthusiasts for that sort of thing.

Anyway, I've been in Glasgow again today and am just about to fix up some food so I might go into those exploits later. Probably not though, the gallavanting has fair puggled me.