Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Had a couple or three messages about where the Hello Saferide album review is. Anticipating some more being that it's out tomorrow, just click here and you'll be taken right to it. Whisked back in time to September 4th.

But don't read about it, hear it. This download malarky is pretty cheap if you're in that market. And by the way, the signed copies are all gone but stand by for word on the vinyl. When I find out what's happening with the 7".

The new Fatboy record is also out tomorrow. More about that in due course. I'm still in full transfusion mode.
The situation with e-mail just keeps getting worse. There's been a problem with blueyonder all day today. I've no idea if, where, how or sodding why and am pretty much up to here (makes gesture way above napper) with it all. It's all pretty exasperating. particularly when I'm trying to sort stuff out.

Ah, but these things are sent to try us goes the reasoned angle on such insignificant piffle. I'm trying to dig that as I tear what little hair I've got left the fuck out.

It's not rational to get mad and it's not possible to get even. So I'm left in a limbo of sorts which is kind of making me wonder "why even bother". 'ceptin' that I inevitably will...

So now I have to go back stuff up and time consuming twaddle like that. Try to take a little of the load off this steam-powered, as far as one can possibly be from state of the art pc that I tap away at. This may take a while...