Thursday, September 21, 2006

Further info @ Hog Maw (link courtesy of Brother Randall)

Early this morning, feeling less than bright I posted the news that Al Casey had died. I thought i'd found an obit link which I never read and linked to. Doktor P intimated that the link was not the "Surfin' Hootenanny" Al Casey so I immediately pulled the posting. Apologies for that faux pas. If it's any consolation, the remainder of the day has taken a similar trajectory.

Update at 8.30pm
Following the comment message from Jan, It seems that Alvin Wayne Casey did sadly pass away at the weekend. This obituary appeared in the Independent. My posting the wrong obit this morning is what discombobulated things. If you never heard this guys music then there's an excellent ACE compilation "Jivin' Around" that will introduce you.
And while i'm at this, I had no idea that Wanda Jackson was playing in London tonight. Anybody who was there that feel like filing a report? (Thanks to Andrew for that info)... Wonder who's in the band?