Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is going to come over as one of these “it’s not you , it’s me” scenarios. Following last night’s JJR show in Glasgow, I need to file this report. Some will agree, others won’t.

Firstly, to my mind – the show was woefully promoted. I’m pretty sure hardly anybody knew about it. Hell, Monorail didn’t even have advance tickets and I’m pretty sure that some of their clientele would have been at least interested. Maybe if they’d played with The Primevals or another local rock’n’roll ensemble? Maybe that would have made some kind of difference?? But anyway, there go those scrambled eggs again. It was an opporchancity wasted. There was no support, which in another way was a good thing. When we wandered up, they were still soundchecking and it sounded pretty good. A good eal better than the soup of Madame JoJo’s. You could even hear the “piano”.

They went on about 9.45pm and there were maybe 40 people there by that time. Not bad considering it was such a well kept secret but way short of how many it should have been. It further gave further grist to the mill of the notion – why bring a decent band to Glasgow, or Scotland even? But that’s a debate for another day, or the comments if you feel like it. If you ever tried to “promote” a show here then I imagine you know what I mean. The JJR were very loud and sounded better than my previous encounter by a long shot. They work hard. They pummel. They have all the moves and the shapes and they look like a band. Did I mention that you could hear the “piano” for chrissakes. The efficiency from where I was standing though seemed that for all the high energy, even with the illusion of volume that was sometimes disorienting, the net result wasn’t particularly deadly. It was mentioned that they’re better than the Blues Explosion. Maybe so, but they’re nothing like them. The ingredients are all in place and my own tuppence worth is that they should be playing to youngsters up to the age of 35. They should have played Sleazy’s where the room would have better suited their oeuvre at this point. It’s all a bit Alanis that they’re belting out “Meat Man” in a vegan restaurant.

Irrespective of what I think, the JJR deserved a better reception on their first visit up here than they got. It won’t put them off but this wasn’t a great advert for a country that often lays claim to have the best audiences in the world. This is assuming that there is an audience.

The JJR do have the firepower to sock it to you but in essence, they leave me cold. It’s not them necessarily, it’s most likely me and I’m not sure this relationship will ever work. So I respectfully wish them every success and head in the opposite direction feeling pretty old and tired. It would be great if the youngsters could get on board their rocket but I’m not holding my breath.

Moon Duo is where I’m at right now, what can I tell you?

RIP - Sam Carr

(Thanks to Mr Duff for the info, Goner Board for the link)