Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dead Flowers presents
Sunday, September 17th
11am - 6pm. Rain or shine.

The Fleshtones / Reigning Sound / The Dansettes / The Fabulous Soul Shakers

Plus: More bands and DJs TBA, and a killer after-party inside Magnetic Field!

Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue
(between Henry & Hicks Sts.)
Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Today's word is "disruption". Certainly preferable to "destruction" but what a bloody to-do. Patience is the proverbial virtue and all that. Better just to stay at home and piss about on your computer or whatever. And hey, it could put global warming back, oh, at least an hour. Maybe two. It’s an ill wind indeed… Anyway, I hope Brother Thewlis made it to Edinburgh eventually.

And what about Lux’s new barnet? Any step away from that Hot Topic look has to be a good thing. And they’ve got Bill Bateman in tow, a man who knows a thing or three about the big beat. I look forward to hearing the reports. "Disruption" permitting.

Time I wasn’t here…
The Cramps in Belgium last night. First photos of the "new-look" Lux.

In the fotos section, there isn't a direct link.