Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is this thing on...? It better be, because The Raunch Hands are back and "Bigg Topp" just fell off the Licorice Tree!!

Can You Handle the Fireball??

"Once upon a time, The Raunch Hands were the best band in the world. Nothing has changed. MIKE MARICONDA, legendary producer and the most dangerous guitar player on seven continents, now living in Austin, Texas, had an idea. He began working on his latest Rock'n'Roll Blockbuster with a team of Texas players that came to be THE STEPBROTHERS. They had already destroyed every club in Austin. Now he had lined them up to record his Greatest Statement, a Powerhouse Odyssey of Rhythm and Soul!

But there was something missing... The grease, the action, the suave-as-all-git-out, kill'em all attitude of the RAUNCH HANDS!!!

Over twenty-years traveling the world with the Raunch Hands, Mariconda, with his team of MICHAEL CHANDLER on vocals and MIKE EDISON behind the drums, had developed a technique now known as THROWING THE FIREBALL. It was time to do it again.

Chandler was last seen in Brooklyn singing for his garage-gospel band CHANDLER AND THE CHASERS. Edison had been working in Manhattan as a pornographer, and traveling France and Spain with his outer-space blues band the EDISON ROCKET TRAIN. Mariconda sent them plane tickets and summoned them with these instructions:


The result is THE RAUNCH HANDS' BIGG TOPP, a shocking dose of Rock'n'roll, Soul, Twang, and Power. It is more than a just a record, it is a Party Out of Control, a Biological Dirty Bomb, the The First Great Rock'n'Roll Statement of the 21st Century!!!

Says Mariconda: "There was no way I could make the best rock'n'roll record of all time without Chandler and Edison. Science has yet to find a substitute. Hide the women and children, The Raunch Hands are back."

Here is the Raunch Hands’ Bigg Topp new release- “Feel It”! Get ready for eleven tracks of uncensored, overwhelmingly filthy grooves! "Second Hand Man" rips and shreds with brutal slide guitar! "The Sophisticated Screw" twists and turns with criminal sex appeal! "Mojo Hannah" is Crescent City Second Line played with the ferocity of a hurricane!!!"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So we moved over to this new blogger thing and everything seemed fine. However, today i've had problems with posting in general and sometimes the photos are taking a while to appear. These things are presumably sent to try me. It's been giving me Henry Rollins neck all sodding day. But hopefully it's just teething troubles. Or perhaps it's just me? Myspace has been taking the piss too. If it weren't for these Tiny Tim cds keeping me relatively mellow it could all end in tears. After all that, this'll probably "publish" nae bother. To compound all this, it's back to the day penetentiary for me tomorrow. Oh joy.
Feathered Apple have collected the works of Swiss Punk combo The Bastards onto one footlong platter entitled “Schizo Terrorist”. A 9 song legacy complete with that customary excellent liner note information that we’ve come to expect from this imprint. I’d never heard any of this stuff before but it certainly puts a lot of what was passed as punk rock here into perspective. As time goes on, the case is made that Europe was awash with great music at the time. The UK serves as the focus but I’m sure we haven’t heard the half of what is actually out there. Thanks to guys like Rolf we’re able to find out. The story of The Bastards is really quite incredible and you have to read it for yourself, you couldn’t make this stuff up. As with many of the sounds from territories outwith the UK, the sound didn’t conform to the brit template. It has traces of Australian and American music clearly founded in rock’n’roll or sixties beat. Here’s one case where it’s perfectly legitimate to let The Bastards grind you down.
Distro in the UK by F-Minor, it’s also available here from Volcanic Tongue.
The Spirit Girls sound has been described as something of a cross between Sonic Youth, King Crimson and 17th Century French Romantic paintings”, it sez in the blurb. Well I never heard any of The Paintings stuff but I don’t recognise a lot of similarity with the other two. “Forever Free” is a concept piece that floats these souls through the imaginary landscapes en route to their billet in the afterlife. It has a folky edge tempered with that LA-pop ethic. It’s actually pretty unusual and coming as it does in some nifty digi-packaging it looks like something on Sympathy. I think it sounds like Sandy Denny just found out she was Buffy and has to deal with it… no actually that’s bollocks but I’m not sure this thing can be pigeonholed. “Milk Maid” (track 2) recalls Angel CC, mainly because of the accordion. Otherwise it has an almost classical rock feel. Not classic rock dumbass, more of a symphonic afterburn. My other immediate favourite was “Small Town” with it’s Ministry type industrial segue into Burundi drumming and back to the gothosphere. I imagine that this section is breathtaking in a live situ. “Haunted Horse” is one of the great titles, so it’s an extra that it’s a cool song also with a kind of toytown Suicideness about it. “Song for the Spirit Girls” would be Abby from NCIS’s favourite I think. The Spirit Girls have been kissed with a little of that David Lynch soundtrack fairy dust. As a whole “Forever Free” has that detached void feel pretty much down pat while still selecting the odd heartstring to pluck. Peculiar but well worth the effort. Also check out lead SG Marni Weber’s arthaus!

Del Rey and The Sun Kings “Battleship Potemkin” is a homage to the silent Eisenstien movie. The director had stated that he hoped that a new soundtrack for the film might be composed every 10 years. The film is now 82 years old or thereabouts and I think that onetime Savage Republic man Jackson Del Rey was horrified that the most recent attempt was by The Pet Shop Boys. This somewhat ambient score somehow seems more fitting and I wonder if there have actually been public screenings with this providing the sonic backdrop. As composition goes, the kraut-rockish elements interweave with more traditional instrumentation. I don’t have the credentials to even begin to tell you how this guy has succeeded in such an astronomical task. But he has.

17 Pygmies were active in the 80’s but I don’t recall them at all. Their musical stylings have been dubbed “arcanica” by themselves. Apparently it means no-hit wonders. This "13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus" doublepack isn’t something you can stick on and instantly become acquainted with. It’s intricate and practically baroque. Folk but not as you reporter is familiar with the form. The pastoral piano shards of “Bley” other-world music are better soaked up in a peaceful environment. I tried playing it loud but it made much more sense at a more gentle volume. Maybe they could come up with some kind of pod for you to climb into for best results. Like a flotation tank.

Visit Trakwerx and check out these strange, NEW, sounds for yourself. The proof of the pudding after all…
Anybody out there got one of these for sale?

Monday, January 29, 2007

I just got a note from Murray which included a bit of a shock. Have checked it out and it's true. Jeez...

RIP - Charlotte Lesher

Sunday, January 28, 2007



Commemorating 30 years of THE ADVERTS "Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts",
one of the most influential punk albums of all time.

"After a couple of singles in 1977 put them in the top 10 charts and on Top Of The Pops, seminal UK punk band THE ADVERTS released their first LP which confirmed they deserved a top spot on punk rock's podium along with their peers The Clash, The Buzzcocks, and The Damned . Though "Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts" didn't reach the popularity levels of these bands, it has been a major influence on artists like Henry Rollins (Black Flag, The Rollins Band), Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Ian Brown (The Stone Roses), as well as too many others to mention, and has been named " one of the best punk albums of all time " by some of the biggest music magazines on the globe, including MOJO, Q and UNCUT.

TV Smith, the Adverts' frontman and songwriter, continued his musical career after the demise of the band in 1979, playing solo shows all over the world, as well as frequent collaborations with other bands, like Die Toten Hosen in Germany, and Suzy & Los Quattro in Spain. After releasing a single with the Spaniards, a project named TV SMITH & THE BORED TEENAGERS was born, which toured for three weeks in Spain in 2006, receiving rave reviews. The high energy level of the shows and the great chemistry between the punk veteran and his younger but well experienced musicians - all of them die-hard Adverts fanatics - wasn't lost on the crowds, and was voted "Show Of The Year" by the readers of Gruta 77 magazine.

On the 5th April 2007, TV SMITH & THE BORED TEENAGERS will play a one-and-only small venue performance at the historic 100 Club in London, commemorating 30 years since the birth of The Adverts, and performing the whole of "Crossing The Red Sea" live from beginning to end for the first time since 1977, plus an encore featuring other TV Smith and Adverts' classics.

Shortly after that the band embark on a select series of performances throughout Europe.

Bookings are now being taken for Crossing The Red Sea summer dates between May and September, so be sure not to miss this unique chance to get the real deal..."

Thanks to Jonathan @ Producciones Barbudas for the info

TV Smith website... he also has a show with Kim Salmon next Sunday in Melbourne!
People have been asking what I make of the “new” Stooges track on their Myspace page. The answer is not much. I’m far more intrigued to hear Mike Watt’s contribution to the new Kelly Clarkson record.

Far more worthy of your dinero is the Eddy Current Suppression Ring on Dropkick Records. They’re making the kind of energised rock’n’roll that isn’t trading on anything but a jolt to the parts that don’t get too much fizz these days. Mr H first brought the band onto my radar some weeks ago and Glenn Terry of the fine Vicious Sloth Collectibles operation was kind enough to send it all the way from their native down under. As you know, the aussies have a way with this kind of thing. Imagine John Otway fronting a skewed approximation of Television, The Fall and maybe The Scientists. It’s punk rock but not as we conventionally know it. Or try this, Wreckless Eric duelling with Compulsion (remember them?) via the Feelgoods? By all accounts this is the closest the band has come to transferring their live jizz to the recording studio with anything approaching the intensity of a live show. The ECSR is an unexploded bomb and if they get closer to splitting their particular atom then stand way, way back or just bathe in that lovely noise. Quite what is being suppressed evidently isn't treatable by conventional medication. I get the impression that “Having A Hard Time” could last somewhere between 2 and 10 minutes depending on their mood swings, not to mention roundabouts. I’m thinking of adopting their “Insufficient Funds” opus as my theme song. It’s good that this particular incubation jar is out in Australia. That means it can gestate before the contents can be tampered with by what approximates a music press here. By the time they get here, the virus will be unstoppable. By all accounts of the cognoscenti in their part of the world, it’s pretty chuffing virulent as it is. Like the guy says "It's all square, even when it's round".
Available in the UK via Cargo.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sitting here catching up on e-mail listening to The Sabrejets session on Radio Ulster’s Across The Lines. Just heard a track from the new Lucinda Williams album “West” and it’s really great. Sounds like it’s live or something and furthermore rankles me that I didn’t go to the Barras. Then they follow it up with a Jesse Malin track “Lucinda” which confuses me because I’ve resisted Malin’s solo work. Mainly because of the involvement of that twonk Ry*n Ad*ms. I actively dislike RA. There’s something totally disingenuous about his shtick. My good mate, the Rigrocker, always said that I oughtta give Jesse a break. After all, I was a D-Generation fan but Adams didn’t taint them. Anyway the gist is that this “Lucinda” cut is really very good so I’m gonna take a tip from Mr Tepper and check out the new long-player, I’ve no idea if the aforementioned bugbear is involved but by the sound of this he isn’t. This show complete with Sabrejets session songs (including the rockabillified "Blitzkrieg Bop") is available on the BBC listen again feature for a week from last night (Friday). Now they're playing the Tom Morton-tipped Hold Steady who will be in Glasgow at The Cathouse on Valentines Day (February 14th)... check out Tom's new "Bobland" song on his myspace... distracted? Who me??
RIP - RK Sloane

(Thanks to Stefan for drawing my attention to that. Never had a clue that he passed away in October)

Been having ongoing technical problems and other bullshit to contend with. Something resembling normal service is always a possibility but in no way certain.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Nomads website is switching to a new URL so visit them and bookmark this new one. They are kings of rock and roll no matter how much they protest. Talking of which, Little Steven's "Coolest Song Of The Week" for w/e December 31st 2006 "Ain't No King Of Rock and Roll" will be available on vinyl courtesy of Devils Jukebox. A pink vinyl split 45 with Brighton's Sweet Zeros. Limited to 666 copies so get yer order in...

Sticking with Sweden, SOS kicked off this years antics with a show at Nice'n'Sleazy. It seems to have been refurbished since I was last there and was surprised not to be sticking to the floor. The name has connotations with The Stranglers for me and that's not good. Anyway it was a pleasant shindig with a decent turnout for Vapnet (pronounced Wapnet). They make a sound not unlike Bob Hund swapping blows with OMD. After a couple of bursts of a black metal direction courtesy of the PA, the evening settled down and the band laid their morricone-mariachi pop stylings upon us. Per-Olof and Jesper from the HS brass action combo (as well as Autisterna) were there and the singer in Vapnet, Martin (Hanberg) also duets with Annika on the Säkert album. Like that, all of the songs were in Swedish but it didn't matter a jot. Apparently the last song in the set was about all the people they hate but not done with a hateful sound. Hopefully they'll come back and play again. For longer. With a PA that hasn't been handled by some Norwegian church burners. Openers, Skeleton Bob weren't bad either. They did a cheeky wee version of "Mama Mia". Might have played a wee bit too long but when they get around to pacing their set then who knows, they could leave people wanting more.

I'm having trouble with this bloody thing tonight, think i've caught something on myspace that you can't buy cream to rub on.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't have too much time but in the spirit of trying to whap at least one new post on this blighter per day then here I am. Let's start by saying that both Angel Corpus Christi and JD King have myspace profiles. So flip those spam "friends" a hearty big DENY and gather a proper posse. You don't have to tell me... I spend too much time pissing about on there I know. And no i'm not practising my Burns for tomorrows Rabbie day... the day when we have haggis for breakfast, dinner and supper. With neeps and tatties. Anyway did you ken that The Double Agents have signed to In-Fidelity. Details here...

Getting to be a bit of a backlog here again... no excuses other than the weak flesh and zip attention span. I'm bored with the clatter of my own keyboard. A heckler at the back just shouted "about fecking time". Anyway, he, she or maybe you are possibly right. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered but never, um, let it be said... Fleshtones, Tiny Tim, Ben Vaughn, The Sibleys, Future Pilot Aka and Spirit Girls are all on the agenda for the days ahead. but "no' th' nicht"...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hi-de-ho, kits'n'kittens! The Stripchords are set to kick-off 2007 with a real whap-dang of a soiree, playing with those tiger-wrasslin' cats The Fabulous Penetrators at their own swinging affair, the Saturday Night Beaver club, on Saturday January 27th. The 'Penetrators wowed a capacity crowd at the Not The Same Old Blues Crap/Dirty Water Club New Year's Eve shindig, with a marvy set of masked, besuited rhythm'n'beat - add in the Stripchords, guest DJ BigKegShandy, and Bear Family DJs, FOR ONLY THREE ENGERLISH POUNDS, and you've got a mutha of a night! "Zounds, what sounds!" as yer Brian Matthews woulda said ...
See you at the bar? Selah, The Stripchords
Saturday Night Beaver
The Fabulous Penetrators
The Stripchords
January, 27 2007 at
Saturday Night Beaver The Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street, London, N1 Cost : £3 - Time: 8pm-2am
As ever, virtual vittles can be had via

SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. is "aces high" this week, friend -- exclusively at the happiest place on earth, OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD: THURSDAY, JANUARY 25TH / (And the last Thursday of every month!) / Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar & Lounge / /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan's East Village / Two B-I-G shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover / May Lady Luck be on your side!
Yours truly,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, January 22, 2007

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the anticipation of Annika Norlin’s Säkert! Swedish language project has been high since my swededealer told me about it. At this point, I should state that it’s almost nothing like Hello Saferide, other than the fact it’s chocka with sparkling pop thrills. Like the Pitchfork review of the Vapnet album (who are in Glasgow this coming Wednesday remember?!) it doesn’t matter a jot that you don’t speaka da lingo. Imagine if Petula Clark made an album with Pulp? There’s a decidely quality Eurovision pulse beating though all 11 magnificent tracks. It has hints of Carole King and Jackie DeShannon but most importantly it reinforces this woman's unique ability to nail a song. You can listen to the single over at myspace.

I wonder if it would be possible to record the English translation to these songs? In order for them to be heard by as many people as is possible although I doubt if it'd be half as poetic as it does in the native Svensk. The album runs the gamut from shimmering sombre folk to bouncing Nuevo motown and never misses a beat. There's even some whistling. “Det Här Är Vad De Säger” (“This Is What They Are Saying”) is almost choral or churchlike. That ticker of yours just might though. Säkert! means “sure” or “certain” and this is sure/certain to hit whatever spot that requires tweaking. “Allt Som Är Ditt” (“Everything That’s Yours”) is like Eno period Roxy Music channelling “Common People” and strangely the closest parallel in terms of a recent UK release would be the Jarvis Cocker record. However this is way more consistent. I’ve no idea what the individual groups that these musicians have been drawn from sound like but the investigation is about to begin. There are a couple of great duets (one with Martin from Vapnet) on here that have a particular Eurovibe. If the UK is set to have the Mozzer represent us then Sweden should secure the services of Ms Norlin. She’ll wipe the bloody floor with him. Visit the Razzia website to be directed as to where you can get your paws on a copy. (Thanks to Mr Ulf for the translations)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Been wading through Everett True’s whopping 630 page Nirvana – The True Story.

The title is a tad misleading (Seattle pun intended), being that the blast zone is far wider than just the Pacific Northwest’s (arguably) most famous export. It’s kind of told in a “Please Kill Me” format without being like that at all because it’s bonded by a commentary which connects the individual reflections and quotes. This gives the angles a dimension that just stringing together a bunch of statements could never relate. It features many peripheral players in the rise of the last big rock movement before the music industry started to implode.

It has Girl Trouble, The Fastbacks and a ton more. Reminded me of seeing Mudhoney’s first ever European show in Berlin, what was that - 1988? A few minds were blown that night I can tell you. I was never terribly interested in Nirvana as a band. There was a little too much roll missing from their ouvre but I saw a documentary about the making of Nevermind recently that kinda made me re-think my position. A wee bit. Anyway Mr True has been awarded the albatross of having globalised the thing called “grunge”. And he was never one to let the whole truth get in the way of a good yarn. "The True Story" is the best tackle of the subject since Gina Arnold’s Route 666 by a good country mile. When all is said, and the last brickbat has been jettisoned Mr Thackray is a believer. I know he has his detractors but for his sins he was in the front like when something that approximated “Punk” broke in the USA.

As you know, that particular country is made up of States that are bigger than UK. It’s a vast place and Nirvana rose at a time when the charts there were in a period of flux. Sort of like they are here with the advent of downloads. For a brief period, it was possible for a band to break through into the mainstream. Even something relatively underground. I recall Allan Campbell telling me that he called Geffen asking them about Nirvana and their press office didn’t even know that they had a band by that name. But anyway, “A True Story” is a exhaustive fly through by someone who was there and who soaked up more than he’d possibly care to admit. His proximity to the main character might alarm him but it’s not his fault that he was too close to the flame. In some ways it’s better that he was because his love of music protected him from being swamped by it. Some distance has now passed between him and those days in the trenches. Post traumatic rock stress disorder notwithstanding, this can be enjoyed whether you gave a hoot about Kurt Cobain or not.

You see, it was never just about him. Or the fact he killed himself. Or did he? The geography of the place Nirvana came from had as much to do with what they became as anything. For my money, Girl Trouble was the best band to come from that neck. I love that band and one of the best nights I ever spent was in their company at The Crocodile Café when I discovered that Bill "The Big Kahuna" Henderson and I shared an admiration of Sigue Sigue Sputnik while some totally shite hype called The Frogs was plying it’s questionable trade in the next room. At the height of the Nirvana boom, a TV show called Twin Peaks was quietly devouring people in their front rooms. I did and still do love the smell of them douglas firs in the morning… and look forward to snagging Part 2 on dvd this coming April so I can play the Heather Graham "Chickadee on a Dodge Dart" sequence over and over... but where was I.

But as it was the band seemed to conquer the world and Nirvana had a huge Scottish connection. Fast Forward via Stephen Pastel’s connection with Calvin Johnson of K, distributed “Love Buzz” in the UK. Kurt was a huge fan of The Vaselines amongst other Scots pop ensembles and wore a Captain America T-shirt on the cover of NME. Their tour manager Alex MacLeod was a former member of The Legion of The Cramped and Big John (Duncan) formerly of The Exploited was their guitar tech.

So anyway, it’s a massive tome and I took a while with it because I kept going back over things, surely a sign of a worthwhile work. No sign of the Young Fresh Fellows in there but Eddie and the Hot Rods make the cut, that puzzled me a bit but then again what the hell do I know. Susie Tennant is and that can only be a good thing. “The Aftermath” chapter is pretty poignant for me. Offering that it was pretty much about making a bunch of sub-standard bands and Courtney (Love) rich. Making it possible for them to have careers. I don't think that's Nirvana's fault per se, there's always an element of free-loading for the limited time that a particulardoor is "stuck" open.

I wonder what would have happened if Kurt was still around? I’m not sure if it’s possible to be as big as they were on the cusp of becoming anymore. Hell, look how “famous” The Ramones are here in 2007. And not one of the main protagonists around to see, far lest cash in on the situation. He’d probably be seeing ever-diminishing returns like everybody else. It’s an interesting conundrum to be sure and whatever was responsible for his exit, that was an end to it all. At least in tangible terms.

Everett True heads up the renegades at Plan B these days. A magazine devoted to a canvas of pop that’s almost and deep and wide as the Pacific Northwest itself. You might not always agree with him but he’s providing a service unsullied by the cut and paste culture that pervades what passes for “music journalism” these days.

Nirvana – The True Story is published by Omnibus Press. You can get it from Amazon or wherever. You can also go and pick it off the shelf and read random chapters if your local bookshop allows such a practice.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

RIP - Pookie Hudson (The Spaniels)
RIP - Denny Doherty (Mamas and Papas)
Mary Weiss track at Reigning Sound myspace. This is what all music should be like. If it doesn't come up to this standard then yer out...
The detailed twang on Wooden Shjips SF debut last week. It's official, they're here to save the woild. Spelling intentional. Even the show poster rocks! (Thanks to Mr H for the heads-up)

Friday, January 19, 2007

You can listen to the Säkert! single "Vi kommer att dö samtidigt" ("We Will Die At The Same Time") here, it's out on Razzia on January 31st. The s/t album has been brought forward to February 7th. More about both soon... is she really in the lake? Crikey.

(Title translation by Mr Ulf)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

All the chatter about who is in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Who Isn't. Who should be etc. is utter tosh. In the grand scheme of things it matters less than nowt. What may have started out as well-intentioned has gone the way of all things. It gets taken over by elements that just can’t be trusted to be thrust into the stratosphere of scenes that celebrate themselves first and foremost. They think that’s gonna bump start “sales”? Forget it. As a symbol of recognition, it's like all awards. There are too many of them. Some may carry some faux prestige but ultimately being saddled with such a protracted accolade seems like more baggage. "Shorts don't matter" as Michael Palin quoth in Ripping Yarns "Golden Gordon. Some people are up in arms about Patti's induction. Much as I think she should tell them to stick it up their jacksy, it's her dime. But the peons yattering about the merits of her being in or out, of REM being in or out will not make one iota of difference to your existence, nor mine. It’s all tainted. Hall of Shite more like. Even if there are some of our own “in there”.

Today was the annual slight fall of snow, country grinds to a halt fiasco. It had been predicted for days but did that help? Course not. I'm probably exaggerating by saying there was two inches. Or 50mm if you're a stickler for metric but everything stopped this morning. Pathetic. It was much worse elsewhere in the UK, the borders and the South took a real hammering and a lot of people are without power and worse. However 2 sodding inches of snow was what snarled up the highways and byways around here. Just wait til we get independence….

(Stops typing. Stares at floor and clicks "publish post")

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just before I go get the dinghy out, Mrs Stim has discovered and posted the portal to the world of Mr Alan Vega. You can be transported by clicking here... might be yer lot for today, the way things have started out.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Out soon on Munster is a re-issue of the Nomads' first 45 Night Time/Boss Hoss "A homage to the almighty Nomads, the unrivalled Kings of european Garage-Punk for 25 years! This is a limited edition (1000) on hard-stock cardboard and original artwork of their second single, originally released in 1982, with two covers of classic garage-punk anthems: The Sonics "Boss Hog", and The Strangeloves "Night Time". These killer punk hymns might seem "popular culture" today, but 25 years ago NOBODY was doing stuff like this! And whats more... 25 years later these songs sound as fresh, powerful, and sincere as they did back then." Also be on the look-out for a vinyl edition of Nomadic Dementia on the same label (this was compiled of course by the chief hisself, so what more recommendation do you need?)
This bloody contraption is as slow as treacle tonight. Anyway, pictured here is another recent find. a ticket stub for what I recall as perhaps the very pinnacle of when I saw The Ramones. This was in the pre-Ice Cube days when the Barras could be packed to the rafters. Anyway, up and coming this April, our friends and fellow Ramoniacs from Barcelona - Suzy Y Los Quattro will be hitting up the sarf of England. Nothing up this way but maybe some enterprising person with taste out there could change that? Anyway, confirmed shows are: The Dirty Water Club in London on Friday 6th April and the Engine Room in Brighton on Saturday, 7th April.
I had some other info to convey but it seems to have disappeared for the time being. I'm too tuckered out to even start looking for it now, my eyes are like pissholes in the snow as it is. So with that graphic imprint, I bid you goodnight...

Monday, January 15, 2007

"Feeling a bit lacklustre in the new year, friend? Then why not let SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. put a little pep in your step!
Our first offering for 2007... THURSDAY, JANUARY 18th / RODEO BAR / /
375 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street) in ol' Manhattan, NYC /
10:00 sharp until 1:00 / No cover! /
And, for a recommended second weekly dose...
THURSDAY, JANUARY 25th /(And the last Thursday of EVERY month) /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan, NYC / 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover! /

Yours truly in both vim AND vigor-

Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Info via Chip @ Videocrypt...

From: Dead Flowers Productions

Date: 1/13/2007

"A terrible tragedy has befallen our good friends ? & The Mysterians. This past Tuesday evening, the home of ? and his manager and manager's wife, burned to the ground. They have lived in this house for the past 30 plus years and everything they own, gold records, photos, everything was lost. They are uninsured. They raise Yorkshire Terriers and lost four of their seven dogs and other pets in the fire. They are now trying to survive by living in their tour bus parked at their farm. They were off the road so the bus was not stocked with anything at the time. No food, clothing, or any thing that will allow them to exist for long.

They are in need of everything. Also any photos or recordings anyone can supply them with as they were not able to save anything except the three of his dogs, two of whom are eldery and blind and one boot he could slip on before running out of the fire. Please help if you can. Any donations can be mailed to ? & The Mysterians at: PO Box 96, Clio, MI 48420.

If you can help in any other ways, please contact us at and speak with us. We can put you in direct contact with ? if you would like to help him directly. We'd like to see about putting on a few benefits for them so they can rebuild. Anyone interested please please contact us quickly. If you'd like to put on a benefit for them yourselves, any and all help will be greatly appreciated."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Former Primal Scream tambourine man (don’t hold that agin him) leaves band in 1987 to pursue adventures in the field of rock and pop art. His creations have been exhibited in a variety of art/music venues to a mixture of excitement and bemusement. These mixed media pieces comprise found items such as gig tickets, 7 inch singles, collage and old frames. Homages to personal heroes such as Muhammad Ali, Alan Vega, The Cramps and Anita Pallenberg are included in this colourful collection." Anybody out there who is interested in finding out more or knows of a place that would be interested in showing these wares then holler and I’ll put you in touch". Alrighty?...

Sounds of Sweden presents:
Melodic Swedes VAPNET and Glaswegian country crooners SKELETON BOB
Wednesday, January 24, 9pm to 12am, 4GBP entry

Nice N Sleazy, 421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow,
G2 3LG - T: 0141 333 0900

"Vapnet is two boys named Martin and a host of friends with fun instruments like trumpet, trombone, flute, melodica and xylophone. They hail from Ostersund in the far north of Sweden, and they make music to infuse the long, dark winter nights with warm radiance. They are one of the most popular Swedish bands singing in their native tongue, and their debut EP Ge Dom Våld hit the charts and sold out almost immediately. The song Kalla Mig was the single of summer 2005, and debut album Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar (Hybris, 2006) has been rapturously received. But as one Pitchfork reviewer noted in his effusive review, language is relative, and even if your knowledge of Swedish doesn't extend beyond the aisles of Ikea, it's doesn't matter because Vapnet speak fluent pop. "Vapnet conjugate pop's structural and instrumental elements to create brightly melodic, lushly orchestrated music that doesn't let its ambitions or its inventiveness get in the way of setting a perfect mood or having a good time." (full review below) Members of Skeleton Bob also come from the far north - of Scotland. Their reaction to cold, harsh winters, however, has been to look westward, to Texas and the scorched plains of midwest America. The sound has been described as "wistful country-tinged banjo-coustica with mouth organ and flat caps," and it is as warming and filling as a steaming bowl of sweetened porridge oats. "

Vapnet - Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar[Hybris; 2006] Rating: 8.3 (Review from Pitchfork)

I don't speak a word of Swedish beyond what I've picked up at Ikea, but that hasn't stopped Vapnet's debut full-length, Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar, from becoming my very own summer album-- despite that drearily overcast cover. It is, of course, closer to Super Furry Animals or Belle & Sebastian than current faves like Lily Allen, Nelly Furtado, or Girl Talk, but the album evokes a distinctive lull particular to these oppressively hot months. So, as I endure the sun and humidity, I like to think Vapnet is really singing about rabbits and swimming holes and first love. Language, after all, is relative. These lyrics obviously mean something to the band members, and whether or not I grasp the finer points of these songs is mostly beside the point, because Vapnet speak fluent pop. As someone who often prizes lyrical boldness over musical innovation, I don't make this claim lightly. Vapnet conjugate pop's structural and instrumental elements to create brightly melodic, lushly orchestrated music that doesn't let its ambitions or its inventiveness get in the way of setting a perfect mood or having a good time. Songwriter and guitarist Martin Abrahamsson and singer Martin Hanberg formed Vapnet as an offshoot of the group Sibiria. In 2005 they released the EP Ge Dom Våld, which in retrospect didn't hint at the complexity of arrangements or the texturing of instruments that highlights Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar. On the full-length, "Ingång" sets the tone with nearly a minute of ambient noise that leads into a wistful ballad titled "Storgatan", whose melody is picked out on bells and tugged along by a simple drum machine and Anna Modin's decorous flute. By contrast, the hand-clapping, finger-snapping "Thoméegrand" is more upbeat, although the expressive guitar riff, out-of-nowhere trumpet solo, ominous backing vocals, and Hanberg's lead maintain the plaintive tone. Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar moves back and forth between the jaunty pop of "Rådhusgatan", the marching pace of "Brunflovägen", and the absolutely killer coda of "Färjemansleden", sung by Modin. As varied as the album is, no song deviates from the album's dreamy tone, although each one seems to expand and complicate the mood. With its piped-in applause suggesting a live experience, the instrumental "E 14" shape-shifts mercurially and false-stops repeatedly, fully revealing the band's range. Vapnet layer indie keyboards over Abrahamsson's distinctive guitarwork and horn fanfares, anchoring everything to real and programmed drums churning out clever disco rhythms. On "Stuguvagen" an amiably shambling verse swells into a gently arching chorus as Hanberg hits the high notes and Abrahamsson's guitar shuffles off into the sunset. These songs confidently strike a delicate balance: they're poppy without being twee, moody without being dark, pensive without being precious. Still, I can't deny that I've been tempted to look into translating these lyrics, to find out what these songs really mean. But after spending a few evenings on my back porch drinking Shiners, watching fireflies, and listening to Jag Vet Hur Man Väntar, I've come to the conclusion-- a minor breakthrough for me -- that I don't really need to know what these songs are about. I understand them enough to enjoy them as they sound. - Stephen M. Deusner, July 27, 2006

"todays word is 'dejected'"... and that's because the post-person never brought the Säkert! product like I kind of hoped.

CDS "Vi kommer att dö samtidigt" coming on January 31st and the album is out February 21st.

Voladoras TONIGHT (Saturday)!! in Stockholm...

WEDNESDAY 17TH JANUARY at the 13TH NOTE CAFE, King St., Glasgow. £4 - 9pm

Action-packed quality bill of local garage-punkers & trash rock'n'rollers.

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Friday evening and being something of a shut-in, I figure i'll try and make sense of what has, hasn't and ought to be posted in the spirit of public service. Not sure how successful this will be because this bloody computer has been playing up again but i'm told that the world loves a tryer so let's give it a belt. The lurghi still hovers but hasn't actually come to deliver the full-blown sucker punch. If the rain keeps up then we'll be knocking about here in bloody coracles or something soon. It's pissed down in torrents (that's a rain term, feck all to do with downloading) pretty much all week. I want the old, cold, bright, DRY days of winter back. Not this bloody miserable damp, dank, grey gunk that passes for recent atmospherics. Meanwhile, as the planet continues toward hell in a particularly shabby handbasket, Gabbagoul is the word... (Thanks Nick).

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trying to sort out this conned-puter so there's not been time to post. Normal service will yada yada. Meanwhile, stay tuned for info on NBT favourites - Suzy Y Los Quattro hitting the UK and another very special event around the same time. Also Vapnet in Glasgow later this month and a bunch of other stuff. Just not quite yet...
RIP - Yvonne De Carlo

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm feeling a bit too gubbed to make much of a post but Martin P has let it be known that "Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio" is the theme song from the upcoming "Shrek the Third" movie. Or maybe it's the fever?...

Sunday, January 07, 2007


RJaP in action at Gearclub on Friday. This and more Bgrrrlie footage at YouTube...
Well, I had every intention of trying to catch Shock and Awe's matinee performance at The Full Moon Club in Edinburgh today but the lurghi, or it's inability to become full blown, put paid to that. Didn't feel much like dragging my germ-ridden carcass anyplace and am just trying to keep upright at the minute. So let's play some records and try and stop the party fizzling out altogether...

Spirits are raised momentarily by the San Fran-based outfit that practices their dark arts under the moniker of Wooden Shjips. They have one 10” and one 7” available and you need them. Haven’t heard such a fuzzed-out pent up explosion of sound in a long long time. It’s Spacemen 3 via The Scientists transfusion of Mack Rebennack’s “Storm Warning” will have you under it’s spell in no time. This is the now sound that hick practitioners like Primal Scream would dream of if they had even the slightest idea of what soul was. They’re in the studio now readying their debut full length onslaught for Holy Mountain. Bring on them sonic commandments I say. These days Jesus Loves Wooden Shjips, he's had it with The Stooges. These are both available in the UK from Volcanic Tongue. Google availability elsewhere. The bush telegraph has been buzzing for some months now and the fuse is well and truly lit. The band is playing at Cafe Du Nord in SF on January 15th so if anybody would like to go along and file a report then that would be just dandy. Are the four horsemen scheduled to come clip-cloppin' over that hill with "Dance California" as their theme song? Only time will tell.

In the Netherlands yonder, A Fistful of Records have some 7 inch thrills to bestow. The Burning Bush EP sees Don Howland channelling his singe-ed blues in Bobby Dylan’s “As I Went Out One Morning” in typically agitated fashion. Flip contains a version of the Fugs “Coming Down” and a Howland original entitled “Hell’s Angel”. Talking about The Fugs, I always wished somebody would tackle “Crystal Liason”… any takers? Still on FOR, Movie Star Junkies (from Italy) weigh in with a fried Kim Salmon-a-Billy smoker that sounds compressed to the point that you fear they’ll blow a gasket at any minute. The Hipshakes hail from Sheffield and their "Stick Around" EP makes fellow Northerner’s Arctic Flunkeys sound like Westlife (or some such terrible karaoke tripe). A highly strung cacophony - but in a good way. You could light up a city with this kind of electricity. Digger and the Pussycats “Live At The World Cup 2006” is likewise inflicted with a primal wildness that exists outside of the digital world, you never heard “Little Honda” pounded out like this before. This kind of sound can’t be derived from a daft little silver disc. It just can’t. If you have any bother finding FOR releases then e-mail and I’ll connect you.

And with that i'll bid you "a-tish-oo". Not some obscure 5678's b-side... that and the fact that this bugger doesn't seem to want to upload the cover images that i'm trying to post. I'll be back. Sniffles, snotters and coughing fits willing...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joe Bonomo's book on The Fleshtones will see the light of day via Continuum Books this coming Autumn/Fall (designation depends upon your location). Here's a message from Joe...

"I'm looking for high-resolution (600 dpi) photos of The Fleshtones for possible inclusion in the book, Sweat. I'm particularly looking for material from the late-70s/early 80s. Please email me at:"

Whilst i'm on the subject of photos, check out these pictures of The Gun Club from Stockholm at Johan Ödmann's fine Stockholm Rock Action site.
While I try to figure out what day it is and what the chuff I have to do...

Catch up with Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby and their recent adventures in France.
A refreshing slant on your average travelogue. And if you're out there in Germany
(Austria and Switzerland), they're headed your way...

Thu. Feb. 2 - The Swamp - Freiburg
Fri. Feb. 3 - Rote Sonne - Munich
Sat. Feb. 4 - Ruhestorung - Nuremberg
Sun. Feb. 5 - Uebel & Gefarlich - Hamburg
Mon. Feb. 6 - Mudd Club - Berlin
Tue. Feb. 7 - Groove Station - Dresden
Wed. Feb. 8 - B-72 - A-Wien, Austria
Thu. Feb. 9 - tba
Fri. Feb. 10 - Palace - St.Gallen, Switzerland
Sat. Feb. 11 - Mousonturm Studio - Frankfurt
Sun. Feb. 12 - Harmonie - Bonn
Mon. Feb. 13 - Objekt 5 - Halle

Friday, January 05, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Same old e-mail shit, different year. I keep getting non-delivery messages and also if I try to send stuff to myself from work then that doesn't work either. So who the hell knows what is or isn't getting through. Not a terribly useful situation but them's the breaks. In fact them has been the breaks for so long I should possibly refer to this ongoing palaver as "them's the norm".

One working day into this year and I think that i'm getting the lurghi that's going around. Probably because those who have already got it drag their arses into the office and splutter their bugs all over the place. This is particularly not on when you sit in a big open plan space and there's coughing and general snottering from every direction. In addition, most horrible of all is the rumour that The Police are getting back together. Maybe they'll ask The Cramps to tour with them? You're right - probably not... there is indeed no end to the humiliation.

Isn't it about time that the public cottoned on to this type of corporate fleecing? Jeez I can hear that cod reggae and the Jon Anderson type vocal and it's making me feel worse than any prospective viral infection. I'll take "Yours Is No Disgrace" any old day (or night) of the week. Did I ever tell you that I saw Yes? Fell asleep during side 3 of "Tales of Topographic Oceans". I have no prog cred.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It was touch and go this morning. The overwhelming urge to just burn my remaining vacation days was almost too much. But, some inner light hauled my arse into the car and from there, there was no turning back. Listen you twonk, it intimated. You’ll just have to go back eventually. For some reason, that struck a chord and it means that those precious “holidays” are still intact, to be taken before the end of February. I hear this New Math song in my noggin, “Borrowed Time”…

The Rt Hon. Duane Sherwood has seen fit to compile some of his fine photography into a book. If you’ve checked out Click2Vu then you may be familiar with the man’s work but you can have a wee nosey right here. If you’ve got some Christmas money burning a hole in yer pocket, why not snag yourself a copy. I have no conception of art, but I knows what I like…

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Great interview with Joe King from The Queers at Recoil...
Fighting an overwhelming despondancy here about going back to work tomorrow. That's what comes of being off and just kicking about indoors. Anyway, I completed my OX column so that's something. I've been pondering just how much gab is necessary in a post. Doesn't it piss you off when all the stuff you read about is the best bit? That all the clips you see in the trailer are all that's worth seeing? Is my whetting your appetite to go check something out for yourself so outta whack?? I spend so much time in front of a screen during my day to day existence that sometimes the last thing I want to do is continue this at home. At the same time though, I feel a certain responsibility to keep this going. It would be very easy to knock it all on the head. Something happened recently that really made me feel like calling time. One thing I have given up on completely is publishing a proper issue. I wouldn't know where to start. There's so much information out there. How do you tell what is bollocks and what is the bollocks? You have to be able to trust the source. And that's not always easy either.

One bit of good news today was that "Ain't No King of Rock'n'Roll" by The Nomads was "coolest song of the week" on Little Steven's Underground Garage this past Sunday night.

On that high note, I bid you farewell as I scope out the vista downhill. Wonder if i'll make it before dark?

Monday, January 01, 2007

My kind of people!
Brethern, Sistern... we’re operating with a new set of numbers. The brick wall that is the return to work looms large on the horizon. Nothing else to do except smash right on in. I don’t do the lottery (other than that of life) so we’ll see where the twists and turns end up. If you start out with low to no expectations then everything else is a bonus, right? You expect jollity this far into a new year? I discovered a bloody wasp in my kichen this morning. It should be too bloody parky outside for that kinda thing surely but no, good ol' global warming is in full swing. I want the clear blue skies and below zero temperatures back. That bracing, fresh, healthy cold that was always around at this time of year. Not this damp, windy, grey (it seems to never get light anymore) bollocks that we seem to be saddled with. I do my bit for the old svelt carbon footprint in a probably misguided hope that this can be reversed somewhere down the line. But anyway, a wasp. Sod that for the proverbial game of soldiers...
I am quite possibly the only person around these parts who couldn’t give a rats hindquarters what the new “Stooges” album sounds like. What’s wrong with me? That’s for me to know and I’m pretty sure you don’t care one way or another. When I mention this condition, people look at me strangely and think I’m kidding but I am SO not. Such a thing can only dilute the legend further surely. Get with supporting a new artist or group. Not a touring circus that’s patently only in it for the coin, that sticks meticulously to a slim body of work. Of course, that might be broadened with this new tripe. I have two words to say to you - "Skull Ring" (whoa nelly is right!) Why can’t they dust off “Raw Power” and play some of that live? Because there’s no heart and no soul in what they’re doing. “Gimme Danger”? “Gimme Horlicks” more like. I’m beginning to think that I was duped all those years ago.
However, with imagination plus some heart and soul, reunions can work. The Scientists and The Dolls pulled it off. One can only wonder what would have happened if The Ramones were alive and available.
But anyway, if you want the feeling that those recordings used to charge your batteries with then get on board Wooden Shjips. If you want gloriously twisted pop action then Hello Saferide will provide all of that and more. And if you’re starved of all-girl garage rockin’ then The Boonaraaas new album is destined to be with us in March on Sounds Of Subterranea. The Bambi Molesters will hopefully shake some of their glorious instrumental stylings upon us during this one too. The Star Spangles “Dirty Bomb” is about to be detonated also. There’s a lot of fine music out there folks. You just have to tune in and turn on. Forget about what happened 30 years ago. We need that burst of pure energy now. Not just some cloned approximation. There are jams to be kicked out. Whaddayerwaitin’for! I'm off to prepare a haggis bagel and to ponder exactly how I got myself into this crawlspace.
As we say here in the Netherlands: Veel heil en zegen in 2007! to you all...