Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It’s a sair fecht and the vibe has been pretty autumnal today. The leaves aren’t falling off the trees or anything but it just seems as though yer average daytime scenery has gone from blue to grey. Forecast is for more dampness to ensue which is something that really shouldn’t be on the agenda for a good 6 – 8 weeks yet. Conversely, I believe that the Tri-State area is melting.

Folks in the Scandinavian countries should be on the lookout for Moon Duo, Stockholm tomorrow, Malmo Friday (look out for 4-eyed Thomas in the moshpit) with Oslo in between. A good hard kick up the arse to whoever decided the routing on this one. You should go here and check. The Glasgow show later this month is at Stereo, not Sleazy's. The A-Bones are on this side of the big puddle too and I’m pig sick that I’m gonna miss ‘em.

Do you visit So Many Records every day? Or do you let it build and just gorge yourself on the music and commentary once a week. If you don’t attend with such a rabid frequency then you should.

Now I have to go try and find my blood donors card. Goodnight.