Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picking up from Lindsay's post about Dr Feelgood the other day, kids (young and old) in search of similar kicks should do themselves a favour and investigate King Salami & The Cumberland 3. These guys come across as the bastard offspring of the Feelgoods and Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. Hey, they even perform covers of "Mama Take The Hammer" and "Bloody Mary" so you know that the taste factor is not an issue here.

This international band of Stoke Newington habitués, comprising of two Frenchmen, a Jap, and a Welshman, have the greasy r'n'beat nailed down to perfection. Last Sunday night's freebie gig at The Stag's Head in London N1 was the stuff that heaven is be made of. Non-stop r'n'r action, a punchy-as-heck sound, great beer and plenty of good looking women dancing away.

Trust me, it will be just like this when we join Mick Green et al. Should this sound like your kind of deal then look out for hip swinging 45s by King Salami on Dirty Water Records and Soundflat Records. In the meantime, check out their MySpace page for a flavour of what they have to offer. Besides, how can you resist a band that invites you to "Do The Wurst"?


Anonymous said...

"Stop twisting my arm", y'know I already loves 'em!

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Joss :-P

ClearPlan said...

'tis all true, what the chap says. I was at the Stag's Head on Friday, they're a fine wee rockandroll band.