Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just found this on the Hot Rods myspace...

"Hello people and a happy new year to one and all . Some of the shall we say older Hotrods fans will remember back in the late 1970's Eddie and the Hotrods toured with Squeeze and The Radio Stars as the support acts, now some 30 odd years later the Radio Stars are once again playing alongside the Hotrods at the 100 club in London on Friday January 22nd.

If all goes well a UK tour may well be booked.It will be great to see you all there for what looks like being a really good night".

And what with the Dr. Feelgood documentary opening on February 2nd then maybe we can expect some kind of music explosion to happen this coming Autumn? Prob'ly not though but it's sometimes good to display misguided hope, right?

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