Friday, April 09, 2010

“Let’s Rock” lived up to its name then. In the subterranean lair that is the venue below the Stereo Bar. The decor is strictly “Owl Cave” after all. An ambitious project to stage 20 years to the day from the original air date and I’m pretty sure that, as Gerry Love remarked, a lot of those present probably never saw it then. Brogues g/f, Jane has NEVER seen it. Can you imagine how great it must be to be in that position?

In addition to the vibe and the music, there was coffee (no milk) – doughnuts/donuts and cherry pie and I can personally vouch that the CP was better than that served up in the Mar T, having been there. The short set by New Shoes (for Leo), thankfully not a Paolo Nutini tribute act hit the spot delivered a very excellent version of “Pink Room” and a twisted “Just You and I”.
I saw Tut Vu Vu before and they’re great. Glasgow’s answer to Oddjob even. They had some technical difficulties and your reporter had to leave for the train before they were done. There was a cassette release by them recently that I keep meaning to pick up.

So an unmitigated success then, kudos to Ms Tara Quinn for pulling off something that was not a tribute but a celebration. Put together with an eye for the all important detail. Bob never showed up as far as I could tell but you know how that one is. And nobody told the penguin joke but that might have been just too, too much.

All tolled, a chickadee on a dodge dart kind of an evening kids. I could maybe have done with Diane sending me some of those earplugs that Coop got to withstand the Icelander antics. Maybe I stood too close to the PA but my head is still ringing but in a good way.

Good practice for Wooden Shjips two weeks from tomorrow I guess.

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