Friday, April 09, 2010

I miss Borders books. And of course prior to that, Tower in Glasgow. Where you could go in and graze all the new magazines are gone. Oh, I bought stuff too and my attic is a testament to having kept print sales alive in my time. So enough with the huffing and puffing. Yesterday, on my way to Stereo - I was reduced to WH Smith and got a little depressed when I picked up and N*E for the first time in forever. Mainly to check out the new "design". I'll be hornswaggled if it hasn't got all the hallmarks of a Sunday supplement. Dearie me and not a snip at £2.30 a go. And what a great idea, make it available with 10 different covers each featuring an artist that I would take a big detour to avoid.

And the Uncut CD this month is a "Punk before Punk" compilation. A dear friend remarked to me via text from Sweden last night that "we're getting old" after hearing about Malcolm. I am for sure.

Anyway, enough of that... here's something to read that recalls the golden days of rock writicism... Don Waller on The Stooges and The Runaways.

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