Sunday, February 15, 2009

The February issue of Sonic magazine, Sweden's foremost music digest comes with the customary cd. But it's not just another comp, it has an accordion powered cut entitled "Stenad i Stockholm" by a combo called Persson's Pack on it. So I'm thinking, Lennart has a pack? Like Terry Knight?? There was a Grand Funk ref in Anvil yesterday so I couldn't resist that. I can't tell you anything about PP at this point but this track is a duet with Annika Norlin so you know what that means. Exactly. To be featured on their forthcoming album, out February 18th... (Thanks to Mr U for the heads up)

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Anonymous said...

Per Persson was once in a band called Dead Scouts that was quite entertaining.
Persons Pack was quite big way back long ago........ at least there in Sweden!
cheers from far far away