Friday, February 13, 2009

Managed to drag my backside to Edinburgh for the Wild Japan screening of “Blue Film Woman” and it was a good move (No, I didn't mean to type movie - smartarse). It’s set me up for my schlep to the Glasgow Film Festival tomorrow. “BFW” is something of a curio, being a mix of very soft porn and a mildly twisted psychedelic revenge goes awry.

Might be a bit po’faced to flag up the look and composition but some of this is stunning, particularly the scene in the square with all the pigeons. This was a newly made print by all accounts which looked amazing. Although hardly recommended as fun for all the family, some of you folks would get a kick out of this. Admittedly it drags here and there but a cool lounge version of “La Mer” compensates. Seems to be precious little info available via google but perhaps this elaborates a little more.

Coming soon, the verdict on Anvil and Not Quite Hollywood

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