Thursday, February 05, 2009

It goes without saying that Lux's passing will hit us all to varying degrees of being sledgehammered. The Cramps influence has permeated every strata of popular culture. Music, film, fashion and beyond. I have had no direct contact with the band for more than a quarter of a century. Being involved with the LOTC was an incredible privilege for me and it generated a nuclear amount of goodwill that burns to this day.

My experience of the man was that he was a charming, funny and cool powerhouse. I never stopped caring even although I didn't exactly love some of their later records. To think that we'll never see him clattering about in those heels again is heartbreaking.

Some perspective is required now as reality sets in. A chunk of all of us has left the building.


teenslain said...

I'm in shock... Terrible, terrible news... :[

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this Lindsay.

And being a member of the LOTC was a privelege. I've still got some of the stuff you sent from Scotland over to Norway back in the day ("Psychedelic Jungle" has "Arrived from Lindsay in Scotland, 6/7-81" in my writing, stupidly written on the cover ... Inside a signed picture.)

Hal from the ever dormant