Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Stripchords - Mods Vs Rockers, this Saturday!

Well, hellloooo, auld frooties!

The Stripchords are set to face-off against Glaswegian R&B notables The Five Aces (formerly The Boogaloo Investigators) at a New Untouchables bash, Mods Vs Rockers, this Saturday nite. Said cross-subculture windingery will also feature host, Dr Robert Bailey, and insurgent greaser turntablist Cosmic Keith fighting unto the runout groove, using only the finest 45rpm ammo at their relative disposal. Captain Rex and his rum coves are supposing they're being pegged (pun intended) as 'the rockers' in this meeting of the musical mindsets, and will therefore be donning 'denim trousers', 'horsehide leather jackets' and other acoutrements of the 'coffee bar set' for the occasion, plus unveiling such new tunes as "The Punk Panther" and "Hi-Ho Hawaii", not to mention a cover of the great Link Wray's "Hidden Charms".

See you at the bar? Selah, The Stripchords

Mods Vs Rockers Soundclash - Saturday November 25th
FAB @ 229 Venue 2 (formerly The International Student House)
229 Great Portland Street London W1 9pm-3am £8
As ever, virtual vittles can be had via www.myspace.com/thestripchords"

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