Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brother Patrick has been tearing it up again... with The Lords Of Altamont!

"The night began rather badly : after being arrested by the police because I was driving too fast in town (naughty Patrick !, but they were cool and let me go with just a "slow down"), the venue said "sold out". Suddenly, here comes Jake (Cavaliere, LOA singer, when he's not roadie-ing with The Cramps). He recognized me and put me on the guest list. Thanks Jake! The show was great, high energy rock'n'roll (see set list), composed of the best songs from their albums and covers like Roky Erickson's "Don't Slander Me", "She Cried" and an instrumental version of a Joy Division song done a la Link Wray. The show ended with an apocalyptic version of The Stooges "Little Doll", with Jake clambering all over the audience and carrying the drum kit through the crowd while the drummer kept playing! I went backstage to congratulate them and to hand over a CD of their last Paris show from February along with a copy of my recording from the Halloween Cramps gig in San Francisco. Don't miss them on tour." Cheerio, Patrick

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