Sunday, November 20, 2011

So I go to see this new Morgan Spurlock movie knowing Matt + Kim are in it as well as their song “Cameras” but little did I conceive that during the ad break there would be a Nissan ad that used a version of "Human Fly" by gawd knows who. I hope Ivy is being paid handsomely for this.

“The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” is a tad convoluted but nonetheless entertaining and it was great to see the kids on a movie screen 4.3 miles from my house, the weekend after I missed them in NY.

It provides an odd kind of synch, at least in my telly.

Hopefully the report below has formatted OK. It kept crashing as I was attaching links so I just gave up in the end.


urbanshocker said...

And to top it all off – the great Andy Shernoff Esq. and Ms Delran also turned up. Karen, Jon, Russ and "I hit up Manitoba’s and left in disgust when Chicago came on the jukey. I’ve no idea why or how J recognised that but I think he’s getting help for the ailment now. I sure hope so." I’m sure that I’ve neglected to mention a host of folks and I could rabbit for acres more but what’s left of my mind is mush really. It’s unlikely that any of us will recover.


angel corpus christi said...

u talkin' to me? u talkin' to me? well who the fuck do you think YOU'RE talking to? you talkin' to me? 'cuzz i'm the only one here.

Peter T said...

Human fly by Hanni El Khatib