Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where some people avoid and ignore, I mope and wallow and it’s not an attractive disposition. I’m not really too well versed in avoidance but I would dearly love to learn how to ignore. If these were Olympic events then I would be way up the table rankings. Presumably drinking can alleviate certain elements, at least briefly but that’s not my bag anymore, at least not here at home. Stimulation just isn’t forthcoming and as entertaining as tearing some lacklustre music a new one might seem, that’s not what this backwater is for.

Mr Stigliano should be aware that I did start some reviews and then got sidetracked. Really need to hook up the various players and replace some cables. In retrospect, seems that I’ve been avoiding doing that pretty good so maybe you ought to take that first statement with a pinch of salt.

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