Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Primevals are set to journey south in April and then they’ll hop over to France for a few days to spread the word on Disinhibitor. Re-issued on Twenty Stone Blatt and available in blood red vinyl and on CD. I imagine you can “download” it too but who in their right mind wouldn’t want one of the more tactile editions? There are some landfill artefacts you just can’t do without. If you’ve sat through one of my sermons on de-cluttering and take issue with any of this, including the “right mind” stuff then please be informed that I have no idea where I’m at if truth be told so that's my get-out clause.

Here are the show dates...

9th April : London, 229 Club at The Water Rats (Kings Cross)
10th April : Brighton, The Hydrant club
12th April , Rennes, Le Sambre
13th April : Paris, La Féline
14th April : Dijon, Deep Inside Klub
15th April : Pagnier, Chez Paulette
16th April : Nîmes, Café Olive

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