Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok, let’s see – due to the general disarray that I exist in, I have neglected to mention the following items that you should be hip to...

Brother Don does the Paul Revere and the Raiders thing over at Caught In The Carousel

The new Bucketfull of Brains is out and includes a cool Nick Kent interview, Roland S. Howard remembered by Jeremy Gluck and the usual host of other stuff that they do so well.

Robbie Fulks has issued his celebration of the late Michael Jackson entitled “Happy” that’ll make you exactly that. Rad interpretations by any stretch of your fevered imagination and it’s a testament that I doubt anybody else could pull off. And once you’ve logged on and ordered go back and read his blog. It teaches things that should be taught in schools and any facet of further education.

If you go down to the North Fork Sound, you can hear a new Angel Corpus Christi song from today... the big red button is over in the sidebar yonder but just to encourage you, click here.

Norton news includes a summer Eurojaunt...

LCDD are wreaking havoc across the Eastern seaboard of the USA this week, air traffic control willing...

BBC4 will screen Oil City Confidential this Friday (23rd) and also a live show from 1977.

In closing, those “Parlophone” RSD singles look really low rent. Generic bags and labels always look pretty good to me but not these. Adds insult to injury with regard to how manufacturing of just about anything has taken a dive to passable quality at best. Looks like next year's bunfight will be Saturday April 16th. Wonder what investments will be coming your way then?

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