Monday, April 19, 2010

Brogues is putting on this show at Mono tomorrow. If you're there then why not truck a long for a Tuesday night adventure... I'll hand you over...

One of the truly great guitar pop singles bands of recent years (check for proof!), The Lodger make a rare trip north ahead of the release of their 3rd lp. Out on April 26th via Slumberland (US) and This Is Fake DIY (UK) 'Flashbacks' is guaranteed to be brimming with pristine melodies and finely crafted songs. If you like your pop pure you know where to be!

Also playing are the catchy as all hell Water Wolves. Rapidly becoming the band of choice to play with the new wave of US DIY pop groups (Box Elders, Real Estate, Hunx and his Punxetc.) with whom they share an approach, Water Wolves brighten their corners with some smashing Go-Betweens-y guitar lines. Ace!

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brogues said...

Thanks for the mention, guv! Very kind of you.