Sunday, June 14, 2009

I didn’t make it back here yesterday evening after all but I have remembered the band that Angel and I saw at Terminator in SF circa 1992 with Lenny Kaye when I was on the “In Search Of Elvis” tour. Walking past a bill poster hoarding in town yesterday I saw the Testament logo and had a “Chuck” type recall. It was like the club scene from the movie “The Crow”, indeterminably metal but a real hoot.

Wonder what today will bring? I’m not planning to go anywhere so maybe there’ll be some action here. The time that I couldn’t get online seems to have brought upon a streak that suggests to me that I shouldn’t become outright addicted again.

David Hayman is on the wireless talking about guardian angels. A wee bit of spirituality for a Sunday AM, maybe one of mine will help me get my arse in gear to set about tackling the various tasks that need to be seen to.

This remains to be seen but there must be some merit to all this because I already discovered that Bambi’s track today.

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