Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday morning has come down again. I thought that the clocks changed this weekend but that carry on is seven days away. Just futzing about, I’m listening to the Richard Holloway thing again and this week he has Margaret Bennett on, another very good programme. He has real people on there, what an idea. Not people with an axe to grind or something to sell. Just amazing stories of rich lives to share. I wish this could catch on.

I’m eternally surprised at peoples ability to keep all the facebook stuff going. Finding stuff and actually putting it on there continually. I don’t like the new layout either but I don’t have the energy to campaign agin it. And even if I did, it wouldn’t do any good. FB continues to turn up old buddies from my own chequered past though so that’s a good thing methinks.

I have to go out for a wee while now. See youse later.


luxivyig1 said...

I won't complain about this lost hour next week end, it's always better than being dead!(everything is always better than being dead, that's my philosophy)
I wish you all a nut Sunday,

Lindsay Hutton said...

I don't know. I wish they would ixnay the clock changing thing. Do you mean a nut sundae Patrick?

It's too early for ice cream, maybe later...

Anonymous said...

Our brilliant former Prez changed the time changes during his reign. Time got pushed a couple of weeks ago here. Changes earlier and later nowadays in the US -- some BS about helping conserve energy or some crap.