Saturday, January 17, 2009

I’m listening to North Fork Sound while I attempt to backup and delete stuff from the computer and The Herd’s “From The Underworld” just came on. Always a favourite, the almost never make them like that anymore if ever. But sometimes they do.

The first taste of the Adiam Dymott album is “Miss You” (Razzia) builds on the promise of “Memory Loss” and is structured atop the burundified drum track of Fatboy’s “Born To Love One Woman”. 2 minutes and 56 seconds of unadulterated glitter-rock dynamite and ginchy in the extreme. This is rock’n’roll, not rock and roll, sonically and texturally first rate.

How is it that old parental warning about “the beat” went again? Well it just got very infectious again to the point of tribal. Ladies and gents, the queen of the wild frontier! I wish it could be pressed on 7” black vinyl and the flipside would be the instrumental track. Irrespective of format shortcomings, this is excellent. An utterly caffine-free pick me up.

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