Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's hard to tell what time it is in the mornings at the minute. Yesterday, it didn't get semi-light until after 9am and it was pretty much the same all day. I have a yearning to be in Stockholm where the Oh No... it's Christmas extravaganza is taking place at Nalen. I think I could get a festive glow on if I was there.

But no, I'm heading for Edinburgh instead and ultimately a Filmhouse friends screening of "White Christmas". I like seasonal films and music but don't care for the other trappings. There are things that need to be got so I figure it's time to bite the bullet. The pre-movie mince pies being the prize that'll tempt me out. How's that on the sad-ometer? It would be way easy to procrastinate on this one, believe me.

Keeping up the festive thing, there's a new version of "It still feels like Christmas" up on Angel's myspace. I can't add it to mine though unfortunately. Hoping that the Ben Vaughn opus from last year might make an appearance too.

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