Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Fleshtones return Europe in May for a series of dates in France. As usual, the men who added "Super" to "Rock" will zigzag across The Hexagon while performing strategic sorties on Holland, Italy and Germany. How do they do it? Do not attempt these dangerous manoeuvres at home, simply head for one of the following destinations and join in the fun!

May 12 - Locomotive, Paris, France
May 13 - Vauban , Brest, France
May 15 - Bikini, Toulouse, France
May 16 - Poste à galene, Marseille, France
May 17 - Nikea, Nice, France
May 18 - Garage, Milan, Italy
May 19 - Cafe Atlantik , Frieburg, Germany
May 20 - Le Fil, Beauvais, France
May 21 - BBC , Caen, France
May 22 - Aknathon, Amsterdam, Holland

Needless to say, further dates will be added. Why, there is even talk of a stop-over in Geneva. How the hell are they gonna fit that in?


luxivyig1 said...

And what date will you choose, Lindsay ?

Another great act in April / May around here : Margaret Doll Rod and Bloodshot Bill, two one guy bands.

If you add the Sonics next month in London : 2008 wasn't a bad year for rock'n'roll.


Jeroen Vedder said...

So wadda you say Steve? The offer for a guided tour of Utrecht and/or sand dunes still stands...

Anonymous said...

Shame they're not coming to the UK... It was great to see them at the Dirty Water Club back in '06.

Lindsay Hutton said...

I wouldn't rule it out altogether... keep them fingers and everything else crossed...

Anonymous said...

Holland had to wait for its well deserved dose of Super Rock since 1998. Since then we travelled to Germany, France and Belgium several times. Looking forward to see them in Amsterdam again!