Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apart from the ongoing headaches and gut considerations, I generally get by on the health front. However, this past few days has caused me to make a doctors appointment. Being laid out and having to just peg out in the old scratcher until it kind of passes was my only option. Plus I've got this nagging stitch "pain". It's not really pain but rather irritation. I have no faith in doctors really but there's enough going on to require some kind of check. Have to say that it goes 100% agin the grain but these things seem to happen sometime.

You'd think that being forced into taking days off work would be a relief but not really because I've had no energy to do anything. I don't like that. I don't like wasting time languishing but there was nothing else for it. Hardly seems possible that it's a week already since The Nomads. What is that Cher was on about about turning back time? I'd definitley bodyswerve the connection with the lurghi bug.

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