Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Masonics @ café De Flitz, Utrecht.

God knows how long it's been since I last saw Micky Hampshire in action with The Milkshakes, it certainly feels like a lifetime. And what a pleasure it was to get re-acquainted with the man and his music! I've picked up some of their records over the years and obviously enjoyed 'em. But live that patented Medway beat, that mixes the sounds of the 1962 Cavern with those of the 1977 Roxy (kinda like The Big Three meets Johnny Moped) sure packs a punch on a distinctly higher level. And instead of the bitter vibes emitting from the stage the last time I caught his former cohort, this was a stricktly fun affair. Amply backed by Bruce Brand on drums and John Gibbs on bass, Micky rocked like there was no tomorrow. Miss Ludella Black guested for a couple of songs, most notably I'm Gonna Make You Mine and Why Don't You Smile Now, and even with the band bordering dangerously on being way outta tune, still brought the house down.

Café De Flitz was a new-to-me location (even tho' it's been there for at least two decades!) and it's perfectly suited for these kinda shows with an atmosphere that's close to that of the Boston Arms or even St. John's Tavern back in the day. Exactly what we've been missing here in Utrecht since the demise of the "old" Kikker Theatre. The turnout showed that there's still a large crowd for events such as these, but also that a conveniant location is essential for such a turnout!

Here's hopin' that this was the beginning of a new tradition of cool gigs in Utrecht. And yeah, yeah, yeah, go and see The Masonics a.s.a.p. when they're appearing in your "'hood", 'cause these guys 'll have you movin' 'n groovin' with a wide grin on your face in no time.

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