Sunday, December 16, 2007

Been in Edinburgh today to catch "It's A Wonderful Life" for the umpteenth time in my five decade tenure. Guaranteed to warm the cockles of the hardest heart, no matter how many times you see it. Half an hour afterwards, even wading through a sea of zomboid shoppers doesn't feel so bad. Just turned on the TV and caught some of the Spice, er, "Girls" comeback. Just say no thank you. Don't fancy that O2 venue at all, the Zeppelin footage I saw sounded well ropey too. Of course the gushing fans, pouring out of the place aren't gonna testify to the fact that they mortgaged their existences to see something that sucked. Are they?

There's stuff to be done, but not on the 'puter. Early start tomorrow. Roll on not having to drive to the stalag for a cool 8 days. Like George Bailey sez "Hot Dog!".


Christopher Stigliano said...

"IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE????? Ack, barf!!!! Worst movie ever filmed if you ask me, custom-made for hardassed businessmen who want to assuage their "guilt" over evicting 99-year-old tenants who were one minute late with the rent! Gimme something REAL like Ed Wood, the Kuchar Brothers or William Beaudine anyday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Chris could use a hug.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Awww, go jump offa bridge like that jerk Stewart should've!

Anonymous said...

check out the Shock and Awe ode to xmas present here

unfortunately its a flawed early mix they have up at the moment (it was only when filthy little angels mentioned it I realised it sounded a bit too much like the Primitives 'Crash' for comfort so the final mix is fairly different - check out the comments for a link)

lots of other interesting stuff there as well - fans of Shonen Knife and (Buba and the) Shop Assistants should check out the missing link between both bands - My-T-Hi (Moray the guitarist has played drums for both)

CD1 (Tis The Season To Be Filthy)
Shock And Awe - DontchaLuvXmas
FromMars - Last Christmas
Hyperbubble - Christmas Riff
The Birthday Girl vs Alexander's Festival Hall - Hey Santa! (Black Snow At Christmas)
The Fountain - Shout For Trout At Christmas Dinner
Fridge Noises - Silent Night
The Star fighter Pilot - Mark Snow At Christmas
The New Royal family - A New Hope (Thank Christ It's Christmas)
Meg - Another Merry Christmas
Listen Lisse - Wake Me Up When Christmas Is Over
Glasgow Glam Bangers - Lonely This Christmas
Postcode - I'll Be Shoegazing For Christmas
The International Karate Plus - Black Christmas
Captain Polaroid - Until Boxing Day
Ich Bin Chimp - Mary's Boy Child
Beacons - Driving Home For Christmas
The Vatican Cellars - Christmas Island
The Vichy Government - Stop The Cavalry

CD2 (Tis The Season To Be Filthy)
Scunner - Bearing Gifts
J'Adore - Thank God It's Christmas
ShiSho - Christmas Time In Paris France
No Aloha - Plastic Christmas Tree
SAY - Make It Snow
Osni - Père Noël
ShiSho - Get Behind Me Santa (Sufjan Stevens Cover)
My-T-Hi - Christmas Time
SAY - Christmas 1954
Geese - Lonely This Christmas
Later - December Song
Beki Bullet - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Goop - Nuclear Christmas
Billy Ruffian with Mike Chavez Dawson - Feliz Navidad
The Kill Raimi's - Ho Ho
The Sexual Hot Bitches - Christmas With The Sexual Hot Bitches
Akira - White Christmas (Entropy Refix)
Ivan Dirtblonde- Christmas Bells

Lindsay Hutton said...

Chris, You know I respect your opinion but we'll agree to differ on this one. You'll be claiming "Miracle on 34th Street" isn't based on a true story next. But don't worry, the "spirit" has well and truly worn off since I just looked out the window.