Sunday, December 30, 2007

So here comes the backwards glance over 2007…

Säkert! – s/t (Razzia)

This is outright, the album I’ve listened to most this past year. Once a day at least since it rolled up. The fact that it’s all in Swedish matters not a jot and I’m betting that you’ll be smitten too.

The Dictators – Every Day Is Saturday (Norton)

To have all this stuff properly released is like manna from some rock’n’roll heaven. Oh it is from R&R heaven… Norton Records.

The Boonaraaas!!! – 5 Steps Ahead (SoS)

2007 finally saw the follow up to Go Get Goo Goo blast across our bows. Not a second too soon. And also their first live foray into the UK.

The Star Spangles – Dirty Bomb (Tic)

The second album came out and never set the world on fire.
Shame on the world.

Ben Weasel and the Iron String Quartet – This One is Bitter (Mendota)

The undisputed master of post Ramonic punk dropped in with another caché of anthems for every generation.

Upp Till Kamp – OST (Razzia)

Amazing soundtrack to the best thing I saw on the wee screen this year. And that includes The Sopranos and the latest season of Curb. Composed by Mattias Bärjed of TSOOL. Treat yourself to the dvd.

Ben Vaughn – Vaughn sings Vaughn Vol. 2 (ManyMoods)

Do I have to explain this to you? In the unlikely event that you don’t have all his records already then go here and start stocking up. I just found out that there's a Volume 3 now... blimey.

Lola Dutronic – The Love Parade (Bongo Beat)

Includes a sublime treatment of “La Mer”. A welcome diversion off the loud rock path.

Stereo Total – Paris <> Berlin (Disko B)

They still got it, Two people with the ability to rock with the gusto of at least 11. Vinyl 45 of "Plastico" headed your way via Elefant.

Wooden Shjips – s/t (Holy Mountain)

I think it lived up to expectations. Some didn’t. The trick will be to deliver it live to we Euro types. That has to be on the cards?


Suicide – Soundcheck at The Buffalo Bar, London
Roky Erickson – Royal Festival Hall, London
Suzy & Los Quattro (twice) – Dirty Water, London
SohoDolls – King Tuts, Glasgow
Stereo Total/Fangs – The Admiral Bar, Glasgow
Teenage Fanclub/Pastels – Mono, Glasgow
The Primevals/The Thanes – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
Robbie Fulks -ABC, Glasgow
Amy Rigby/Wreckless Eric – Bein Inn, Glenfarg
The David Scott Ensemble – Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow

Not music but quite a trip… David Lynch at the GFT

And that’s your lot, enough with the looking back. Plenty stuff coming up in 2008 to make your eyes and ears water. Feel free to list your preferred booty in the comments dept...


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay,
Half of your selection made my year 2007 too (but I never heard of the Star Spangles, shame on me).

Isn't this record missing of your list : Mary Weiss & The Reigning Sound "Dangerous Game", my personal fave.
Among new stuff from 2007, I also really appreciated (no order): Carbonas (3rd album) / Roy Loney / "Shake It .." / The Touch-Me-Nots "Chris Owens Said It ..." / The Titty Twisters' Orchestra (Italy)"Deluxe Lingerie" / The Sirens "More Is More" / Boris Sujdovic "Fuzz Machine" / Les Blousons Noirs / Nathaniel Mayer "Why Don't You .." / Harlan T Bobo "I'm Your Man" / Mavis Staples "... Turn Back" / Lover ! / The Romanée Counteez " Deviant Music For Deviant People"/ Miss Alex White "Space & Time"


Anonymous said...

Here's some of that Suzy & los Quattro shw:

Anonymous said...

Ben Vaughn is the king.

I'm listening to "Vaughn Sings Vaughn Vol 3" as I type.

And I agree 100%, get everything you can by this guy. There's a lot to get, but it's all well worth the effort.

Hey Man Hey!

Michael K