Saturday, October 14, 2006

Time to interuppt the silence. Thanks to all you folks who have swung by the myspace thing. Generally when I try to make "comments", this bugger crashes. Fucking annoying, let me tell you. In addition, budgetary restraints and sundry conditions have meant that my abilities to live beyond my meagre means have been somewhat curtailed. This means that i'm operating very close to the "midden heid" and in some cases considering filing an application for full "shut-in" status. I managed to clock all eleven episodes of "Brotherhood" over the past week. (Thanks H). It's a good show that will probably appear on UK screens via satellite or cable or whatever. As post Sopranos TV goes it's very watchable and kind of like a modern day western in feel with organised crime and politics taking the place of cattle rustling and robbing banks. Season Two is due sometime in 2007 and i'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Of course, January is coming up fast and that means the final 8 eps of The Sopranos. Brotherhood suggests that there will be TV life after that event has passed. In fact Tony and Co's last season finale was something of a damp squib so hopefully the blue touch paper will dry out and provide what we expect from the show. Other stuff you should check out if you're futzing about on yer ‘puter...

In Brazil, there's a soap opera that has The Bambi Molesters providing the theme music. Thanks to Lada, and to YouTube, you can check it out.

The Spangler continues to weave his musical web to provide you with a soundtrack to spending your existence online.

Munster Records are branching into the DVD sector, sample the upcoming Beasts of Bourbon, Black Lips and Demolition Doll Rods releases. Visit the website for availability details.

Brother Randall has made the following available for your viewing pleasure…

Jack Starr: Masters of the Sky

Jack Starr: Chicken

Mack Stevens: Porn Again

Uncalled 4: Grind Her Up

Uncalled 4: Cotton Fields

And as CBGB’s goes under the thunder of The Dictators again tonight, and Patti Smith will be playing out closing time tomorrow, Duane sent this link

And Ramonesmania continues unabated. (Thanks Tom and Martin)

Time to draw breath now, I’ll be back soon with the Dexateens dates and whatever else sooner than you, er, think… Just daydreaming here, wishing I was in Valencia watching The A-Bones and Co. Hello Saferide is headed for Glasgow in November also. Perhaps there is hope...

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