Friday, November 18, 2005

Some music to chew over until some equilibrium is restored...

The Morells anthology “101 Songs about Cars, Girls and Food”, a 4cd set of live material featuring those Springfield, Mo. veteran rockers kicking it up like practically no-one else can. Limited to 500 numbered copies, everything you need to know about the history of rock’n’roll is burned into these shiny circular tablets. The curator of this fine collection can be contacted here…

“Stoneage Cameos” is a tribute to the Hoodoo Gurus “Stoneage Romeos” featuring the songs re-told by 21st Century Aussie combos. You may well ask what the point is but it’s a consistent recreation, with not a lot being added to the originals. SC has The Spazzys performing “I Want You Back” but the standout is “My Girl Part 2” by Spiderbait. There’s a cheeky wee update of “Be My Guru” by The Persian Rugs and an avoid at all costs rogering of “Leilani Part 2” by The Sailors in a Blue Monday treatment. Neither decoration or owt else.

4 two-cd sets of material that have been collated by the Swedish Feber (Fever) journos that boast a wealth of treasure and conduct a grand tour of music in a mixtape style setting. You may not enjoy all of it all the time but, like a well-programmed radio format, there’ll be something along in a short time to get those juices flowing. These Amigo Musik collections encompass "Folk" (Andres Lokko), "New York" (Mats Olsson), "Sweethearts" (Lennart Persson) and "Mainstream" (Jan Gradvall). "Sweethearts" is a girls singin’ soul comp and my hands down favourite but the others have much to commend also. Some inclusions will leave you scratching your head but for the most part, it’s fun to just go with the flow. "Mainstream" is the weirdest one, with Leo Sayer rubbing shoulders with The Raspberries and Todd Rundgren, go figure but it works.

Google Feber Compilations and you should be able to find these. The Amigo site had nowt when I looked.

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