Saturday, November 19, 2005

In keeping with the things falling apart theme that's going on around here, I seem to be able to get e-mail in but not out. Not sure what the chuff is up but it be getting worked on. So if I don't respond to something I should get back on then that's your reason.

Can anybody out there send me an mp3 of The Raveonettes "Christmas Song"? Just for use while I procure an actual copy. Just tried to buy it from an it spat the dummy because I don't have a zip code. Funny that because I'm in the UK you donkeys. No dis to the four-legged variety intended. This would have been my first digital buy but they can go and stick it now. There has to be an efficient, easy way to distribute downloads don't you think? The crumbling vestiges of the old music biz simply don't wash anymore. Bob Lefsetz should be in command of the next generation.


Anonymous said...

drop me a mail and let me know what address you want it sent to

Howard Wall

Lindsay Hutton said...

Thanks to HW and Ben for supplying the song in question. I discovered it via an ad that's playing on TV here for, wait for it, Dobbies Garden Centre! Uber hip choice indeed for a place that I have no intention of visiting.