Sunday, November 27, 2005

You'd think that girl + lap steel would add up to some strain of alt. country, right? Well wrong-ola! Megan Hickey is The Last Town Chorus. A sort of apocalyptic, desert-fried Mazzy Star-esque mood music that can be starkly haunting one minute and downright ethereal the next. A beautiful, sometimes brutal soundscape. Her fragile cover of Bowie's "Modern Love" could really open this up to a wider audience but you know how flakey hipsters can be. By the time the album is ready in Spring of next year these songs should be ready to fly. This is sparingly cinematic bordering on church-like.

There's a free show tonight at Mono (8pm) in Glasgow should you fing yrself in that locale. Catch her before the bush telegraph glows red-hot.

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Sharon said...

I felt extremely priviliged to be part of the small gathering of folks at Henry's last night.

Megan's performance was mesmerizing. Simple yet poignant.
There are not enough artists like Megan in this world.

I've been watching your blog over the last month or so. I enjoy it. I didn't put two and two together last night, otherwise I'd have said something, duh. Nevermind, I'm sure i'll see you about town soon enough.